This Week in Conspiracy (23 Oct 2011)

I won’t have time to do everything that I need to in the few days that I have before CSICon. But I make a point of doing this, even if it hurts a little.

So, given the time crunch, I’m going to do as much as I can in an hour. GO!

  • In additional Shakespeare news, Forbes’s Alex Knapp wrote a piece, “Yes, Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare” and got inundated with…enthusiastic correspondence. He contacted me and Eve about coming up with a reply to the specific claims of Shakespeare deniers, and we’re happy to help. Also, John Orloff, the screenwriter of Anonymous, left a smudge in the comments on my post about his indignation at the HuffPo.
  • Holy crap! I thought Ron Paul reminded me of someone! It’s Pat Buchanan!
  • Godlike Productions stepped in it this week when they tweeted:

They actually tweeted the word "Negro".

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

You win! Please! Stop sending me this! Everyone I have ever met since I got out of short-pants has sent me this at least twice! Are you guys coordinating this??? Hey, I’m “just asking questions.”

Hey, not bad for an hour.


One Response to This Week in Conspiracy (23 Oct 2011)

  1. Pacal says:

    Gaddaffi still has his acolytes who writhe in extasy over him. Showing once again that Stalinist, fellow travellor adoration of tyrants will never end. There will always be so called intellectuals who will bend over for big brother. Of course these people ignore Gaddaffi’s outrageous interferance in the internal politics of sub saharan countries and his outrageous involvement in the blood diamond trade. Good old Gaddaffi, suposed martyer to western imperialism was a supporter of Charles Taylor, noted pillager and mass murderer among many others. And of course they ignore Libyan corruption and how Gaddaffi and his family enriched themselves by pillaging the Libyan state.

    The Italian journalist Fulvio Grimaldi has disgraced himself by producing a documentary celebrating Gaddaffi, along with numerous articles. The comparison with suck up Stalinist literature celebrating the “Great Leader” is not accidental.

    They didn’t appologize when Keohutek was a damb squib so why would they appologize when Elenin is another no show.

    As for Obama and the 2nd admendment. When will those fetishists stop clutching their guns like their cluching their junk?

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