Good news! Roland Emmerich’s stinker Anonymous release limited!

Heheh. I just saw news that the release of Anonymous has gone from 2000 theaters to 250. Eve and I would be happy to take credit for this if it weren’t for the fact that the whole world instantly realized that the entire premise was ridiculous. Also, I haven’t seen a positive review yet. Rollo is saying that it’s his idea. Go with that, kiddo. Embrace the fail.

So, what is to be made of this apparent straight-to-DVD upcoming box office failure? Other than “fun of”?


3 Responses to Good news! Roland Emmerich’s stinker Anonymous release limited!

  1. stephen moorer says:

    Check Rotten Tomatoes for positive reviews. Then eat your words.

  2. Bob says:

    I said I hadn’t seen any good reviews, ding-dong.

    You may continue biting me.


  3. Eve says:

    I was going to mention Rotten Tomatoes too. Depressing. So far, though, there are only 7 reviews (6 positive and 1 negative). “No consensus yet.” Several of the reviews say it’s his best film or one of his best films. Surely that’s not saying much.

    I did like what David Edelstein of New York Magazine said: “A well-polished cowpat that will confuse and bore those who know nothing about Shakespeare and incense those who know almost anything.”

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