This Week in Conspiracy (22 Jan 2012)

…And we’re back. I am writing this at a Whole Foods, where I am surrounded by hippies, feeling a little like Cartman.

But not even wafting clouds of caustic patchouli could keep me from rounding up the worst of the web! I’m going to have to keep this one short, however, as I am gearing up for a pretty big job interview. This is the one, people.

  • Ah, it’s the end of the world. Again. This time, it’s skyquakes, and should my spell check ever accept that as a word, I shall promptly jump into a canyon. They are caused, sez this dude, by a “destabilizing core,” whatever that is. He might as well say it is caused by trolls. Visit that link only if you want to experience an intricate vacuity.
  • From the Most Irritating Man in the World comes, “Nicola Tesla–Superhero!” Stay goofy, my friends.
  • Orly Taitz’s subpoena of Obama not summarily thrown out of court, for once. The best coverage begins:

​Orly Taitz won a court motion in Georgia this week and, after consulting my ass and the sky, monkeys are not flying out of my butt and pigs still cannot fly.

AboveTopSecret @AboveTopSecret 2m  Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
Who killed Iran’s nuclear scientist? CIA, Mossed, Britain, Iran? Let
me know RT @ATSRecapBryan –

  • NASA: “Not all triangles are UFOs.”
  • The conspiracy to keep Ron Paul from ever winning anything at the national level continues in South Carolina.
  • Baby dies of disease she was probably not vaccinated against. BLAME THE VACCINES! There are lots of causes of meningitis, and she was vaccinated against the bacterium, Haemophilus influenzae, which used to be the prime cause. But there are other bacteria that cause meningitis, like, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which now causes most cases of bacterial meningitis. This poor girl’s first diagnosis was “slight chest infection.” By the way, take a gander at this woman’s CV. Her warped view of vaccines has led her to write a book suggesting that baby-shaking baby killers are falsely accused. Wow.
  • Grr.
  • Oh no! The Illuminati are invading Eastern European pop music! Is nothing too irrelevant?!?
  • Shaq reveals he is a Mason:

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

You almost won again again,, with “Evidence shows 9/11 false flag operation may have been a hyperdimensional ET event,” but this week’s prize goes to a family that should not have access to video equipment. Or the Internet. Or vinegar:

That’s all for now. I’m now off to have every item of clothing I own pressed and starched.


4 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (22 Jan 2012)

  1. Stanley says:

    RE: MLK
    I’m confused as to why you think a civil trial is a “false authority”?!?

  2. Bob says:

    I’ll let the justice department discuss the shortcoming of that trial. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

    • Stanley says:

      Thanks Bob. That link goes quite in depth on the MLK assassination.

    • pacal says:

      I heard about the Jowers case years ago and frankly found it when I heard about it initialy really puzzling. I’m not terribly suprised that the King family thought a conspiracy existed to kill Martin Luther King, given that he was being shadowed by the government and J Edgar Hoover was trying to black mail him and once sent a letter, anonymously, sugesting that he King kill himself. (I remember reading some where Hoover kindly sent a gun to “help” King do it!). so it is not surprising that the King family would think King was assasinated by a high level conspiracy.

      However Pepper is basically a loon, who ignored the mountain of evidence indicating that Ray was a racist who hated, really hated, King. Certainly Ray’s family was an unplesant brood of bigots.

      As for the Jower’s case read the link. It conforms what I’ve been told and read about elsewhere that the “trial” was a judicial farce, or “showtrial”, designed by Pepper. Jowers was primed and prepared by Pepper to be the accused and of course was not their to defend himself against the charges but to provide a platform for Pepper to fulminate and present his conspiray accusations. In otherwords it was a judicial farce in which Pepper deliberately abused th judicial process with a “Respondent” who was colluding with him to pervert the course of justice. The onesided presentation of “evidence” and the obvious fact the case was designed to publicise Pepper’s conspiracy crap and cloak it with the figleaf of a verdict in favour of a conspiracy make the whole thing to repeat an abuse of process.

      What bugs me also is that the Judge didn’t stop this whole farce from happening, when it was obvious that both the Plaintiff and Respondent were conspiring to abuse the court system.

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