This Week in Conspiracy (15 Jan 2012)

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately, but I’ve been out and about in a big way. Since last time I posted, I have been to the Pacific Northwest, where I had the pleasure of hanging out with many of the Seattle Skeptics. I went birding on Mt. Rainier (foolish me) and interviewed people who were a little scared of the murals at the Denver International Airport. Hopefully that will become a Skeptical Inquirer article or post.

Unfortunately, I started this post in the lobby of my hotel, and lost a huge amount of work when I closed my laptop. Grr. But technical glitches will not stop me from bringing you the week in the weird-o-sphere.

The spraying itself is carried out by the U.S. military; probably the Air Force. The orders mostly come from Wall Street. The military man or men in charge of the operation take orders from an intelligence agency.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

No contest. It was tweeted by Jason Brown, @drunkenmadman:


That was at least as fun as “Terrified Woman From Other Universe Wakes Up Here.”

No wait. There is a new winner. It is this. She’s really sick, but the tales she tells (and the fact that she felt she needed to tell it in her bathroom wearing a bathing suit) freaking fascinate me. I mean…wow. Warning: this is so obscene your ears might burst in a desperate attempt to protect your sanity, but it won’t help. The sheer quantities of Jesuit bodily fluids. Be advised, do not watch this:

And that’s it. I’ll see you next week. I really hope. More traveling as the job situation gets serious. I have an interview in about two weeks and a talk to prepare to give to that department. I’m talking about…conspiracy theories (among other things). Go figure.


8 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (15 Jan 2012)

  1. Daggerstab says:

    Did you miss the Yugoslav Space Program? It’s probably a spoof and it seems that most of the CTs are not buying it, but nevertheless it’s entertaining. So many opportunities for Yugo jokes…

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  3. Fleegman says:

    How disappointing… I commented on the Peter Kirby atricle, pointing out some of his unfounded speculation, and he replied with an insult and more speculation. So I replied again, and took his whole article to task for being one big pile of “I think this, therefore it’s true” and my comment didn’t make it through moderation. I thought he might at least be able to *talk* about stuff, but he obviously likes the echo chamber he lives in.

    His strategy seems to be allowing one dissenting comment from each reader, and reply to it in a really stupid offhanded way, and then not let them comment again, as though they were totally floored by his “argument.” Very frustrating.

    The highlight of the article, for me, was when he questioned the use of the word “owning” in the phrase “owning the weather,” in the title of some report. And how “own” backwards was NWO! OMG, it’s the lizard people and their New World Order! That was the point where I actually had to question whether or not it was one big joke, or something, but the “hee, had you going” never came.

    Oh, from another article of his, he lists examples of circumstantial evidence for chemtrails. I’m not making this up when I say that included in the list was the following entry:

    “The 2008 feature film ‘Toxic Skies’ starring Anne Heche is a fictional drama involving chemtrails.”


    Ahhhh, thanks. Felt good to vent a bit…

  4. Diane says:

    I KNEW the Jesuits were behind it!! But I can only believe her 15%…not until the full body shot.

  5. severe diaper rash…

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