This Week in Conspiracy (13 Nov 2011)

Well, I’ve done it again. I spent another week in the trenches, occasionally poking my head over the parapet, and taunting the forces of conspiracy theory.


On with the pain!

Twit of the Week:

It was that crazy-haired spray-on tan nutjobby from Ancient Aliens, after the whole premise of the modern History Channel was lampooned on South Park:

Tsoukalos: Good. Let them. Deep down they know (!) we’re on the right track… No worries. RT @kuhnlevel u inspire me but my history profs hate u! lol

Original Tweet:

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

That’s it folks. Keep it crazy. I’m off next week to do some field work on Saturday, and then I’ll be going to Alabama to give a talk about conspiracy theories to a group of freethinkers there. Yay!

(Did you notice that Anonymous completely dropped off the map this week? It’s now known as Ignominious!)


5 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (13 Nov 2011)

  1. idoubtit says:

    Quit farting in my general direction, Bob! But thanks for mentioning Doubtful News.

    I love conspiracy news. (Not really since it’s a sign of an unhealthy society.)

  2. Bob says:

    What I’m farting is sign of an unhealthy society, you son of a motherless goat (wrong movie/gender, but it’s in the spirit of the thing).

    You are now blogrolled.

  3. Well of course Obama’s been to Mars. That whole crypto-muslim thing was intentionally spread to keep people from realizing that he’s actually a Martian. I mean, duh. You think Martians can’t forge birth certificates?


    Hm. Now I just need to work in chemtrails, 9/11, the Bavarian Illuminati, and that teleporting navy ship, and I think I’ll have the greatest conspiracy ever.

  4. Pacal says:

    The Homeopathy article is hilarious. So much major fauil in so few words.

    I esspecially liked this piece of drivel:

    “Because homeopathy was simultaneously philosophical and experimental, it seemed to many people to be more rather than less scientific than orthodox medicine”

    There was also the suppossed fact that after all sorts of dilutions “nanoparticles” are left behind. Well all it illustrates is that Homeopathic propagandists are once again using Scientific terminology to “sex” up their dubious pontifications with little understanding.

    It is just a buzz word to sound scientific.

  5. Bob says:

    He packs it so dense it might collapse into singularity.


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