This Week in Conspiracy (16 Oct 2011)

My every waking moment is consumed by CSICon at this point. Currently, I’m looking into the idea of “human hybrids,” whatever the crap those are supposed to be. I mean, hybrids with what? There are, of course, the innumerable human-alien hybridizations, but the guy I’m talking about doesn’t believe that there are such things as aliens. So, hybridized with what? I think that “hybridization” might be a code word for “I don’t understand genetics.” But he does talk about the hybrids’ sterility. God, muddling through the brains of conspiracy theorists is such a muddle. I think that there is a strain of the “medical experimentation” trope in there, but… yeah, that’s not exactly right, either. Oh well.

But enough of my foolish problems. Onto the foolish problems of others!

Conspiracy theory of the week:

Well, I’m going to hide in a bunker. See you all next week!


One Response to This Week in Conspiracy (16 Oct 2011)

  1. Bradley A. Skene says:

    After seeing the Frontline on the ICE deportation camps and the corruption there (and by the way the second half of the show was screwed up on my DVR–think that’s a co-incidence!), its clear that the FEMA death camps area false-flagging plot by the govt. to draw attention away from their illegal injustice in ICE!

    And don’t forget, the world is going to end tomorrow–not really its tomorrow–that’s what Camping really meant!

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