A very short This Week in Conspiracy (3 Oct 2011)

Another week, another colossal load of conspiracy dumped onto my metaphorical lawn, providing much needed nutrients.

The only reason I am allowing myself to write one up tonight is because I graded quite a lot. I even resisted the urge to push less-than-promising papers to the back of the pile; I just powered through them. So, my reward is to take an hour or so out of my insane life and do a little conspiracy theory round up.

Hitler. How could you possibly doubt this?


Any human who has the capacity to research for let’s say…, 50 hours of hardcore internet and even library backup; for purities sake, of Communist history. Will find the Boleshivk’s were Zionist and Jewish and you are probably both. The cards are being flipped, so fast now, like a game of concentration. Flip, Israel; Flip, U.S.S. Liberty; Flip US of I; Flip, 911; Flip, Cast Lead; Flip, Israel; Flip JFK, RFK, MLK; Flip, US of I; Flip, Paper Clip; Flip; Israel, Flip, IAEA,; Flip, US of I; Flip, Nuke n Stratosphere, Hemisphere, Needle; Flip, Israel; Flip, Chinese in the West, Yiddish n the East, and Spanish down South and you penche gringos can have East of the Rockies, West of the Miss, North of Tejas, and South of Canada. Get used to equality; you’re all niggers now!

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

From Eve: The Beatles Never Existed.

That’s all for now. I only had an hour and 15 minutes to write this one up. Next time there will be more, I promise. Would I lie to you?


2 Responses to A very short This Week in Conspiracy (3 Oct 2011)

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  2. Pacal says:

    From the Beatles Never Existed Website we have gems like this:

    “What could we possibly mean by saying “The Beatles Never Existed”? Simply this: There was never just one group of 4 individuals calling themselves “The Beatles” who rose to world stardom. That would have been humanly impossible, especially 4 young boys on their own.”

    Well They didn’t do it on their own, they had a manager, Studio technicians, promoters, a record company, publicity agents, Radio DJs etc., etc. Oh and they were all in their early twenties at the time, not oung boys, and had been playing together for years before hand learning their craft.

    The site is so off the wall that I suspect parody.

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