The Week in Conspiracy 9/18

I’m back. I’m almost done grading and can afford to give two hours to my last remaining joy, This Week in Conspiracy. I have a few weeks worth of stuff, since last week I stuck just to the 9/11 material that came through, most of which was actually recycled content. Oh well. Beats thinking.

“Attention Hollywood. We are Anonymous. We have been watching you. We have been listening to you. You have been allowed to run free too long. The time of Jew-controlled media is over. We are taking back the media with your faggot vampires and Scientology pastors. We are here for the people. We are here for the Lulz. We are here to stay. We have your lives. We have your blood, sweat and tears. Over the next couple of weeks, everyone will have them. We will rock you for ages. Consider this our acceptance speech for the Video Music Awards.”

  • First review of Apollo 18 I’ve seen: It sucks.
  • Federal Jack freaks the fuck out over weather modification. It’s clearly a roll cloud. There was one on Astronomy Pic of the Day earlier this month. They are pretty cool looking (last one has always been my fave). They are well understood, and grow the hell up.

This Week in Satan:

This Week in 9/11

  • One of Robert Palmer’s backup dancers says that the Reality community is trying to discredit WTC7 Truth community’s claims by putting UFOs in footage of the collapse. I don’t see it, but I do see evidence of an internal collapse happening long before Truthers say it could have happened. I mean, really.

That’s all. No conspiracy theory of the week this week. I have to finish grading. Those two ideas aren’t actually connected, but I’ll let you think they were.


9 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy 9/18

  1. Pacal says:

    Bob, Bob, Bob! The capital of Canada is Ottawa not Ottowa.

    From an annoyed Canadian.

  2. gdave says:

    “the HPV vaccine [is] a literal cure for multiple types of cancer…”

    Umm, no. The HPV vaccine protects against two strains of HPV which cause about 70% of cases of cervical cancer, and strains which can cause several other less common cancers, as well as 90% of cases of genital warts. It does not “cure” any of these conditions – pretty much by definition, a vaccine won’t “cure” anything, only prevent. Which, btw, is why it is recommended for 12 year old girls – to build up resistance to HPV before they become sexually active.

    This may seem like a nitpick, but with all the anti-vax propaganda out there, I think it’s important make sure claims for safety and effectiveness of vaccines are accurate.

  3. Bob says:

    You’re right. That IS niggling bullshit.

  4. Alex Thomas says:

    literal cure for multiple cancers? That is a 100% OUTRIGHT LIE and you know it

  5. Alex Thomas says:

    Everything you write is easily debunked. YOU WONT DEBATE US. You are either being paid to right out right lies or just a complete moron.

    The idea that you actually believe that fluoride helps teeth stay healthy just goes to show how ridiculous you really are.

    Try checking out the fluoride action network and the thousands of documents and health experts who are speaking out AGAINST fluoride. You literally pretend its just a few people when people are standing up against fluoride in MASS.

    Dozens of cities have BANNED it but you want us to believe that YOU know that its safe because some Big Pharma doctor or dentist told you.


  6. Alex Thomas says:

    You are either being paid to write outright lies or are a complete moron**

  7. Bob says:

    Figure of speech, kiddo. In fact, it’s better than a cure. It stops the virus that causes a variety of cancers. This is not a matter of opinion.

    Alex, you live in a dream world, imagining motives and scenarios that bear little resemblance to reality.

    Fluoride mimics the crystalline structure of tooth enamel and works as a sort of patch on the tooth. In small doses, it’s perfectly safe and effective. You just say: “BLARG! RIDICULOUS!!! Debate me!!” FU, Penguin. At the levels in regular tap water, the tapwater is more toxic than the fluoride. Toxicity is DOSE dependent, and you’d die of hyperhydration before fluoride poisoning in tap water. This is not an opinion.

    “You literally pretend its just a few people when people are standing up against fluoride in MASS.”

    They should sit down and listen to the priest. 🙂

    “Dozens of cities have BANNED it but you want us to believe that YOU know that its safe because some Big Pharma doctor or dentist told you.”

    Again, you are imagining a scenario that has nothing to do with reality. You are clearly fantasy prone. Also, you make a classic logical fallacy, the ad populum. It doesn’t matter how many uninformed, misinformed, easily scared, scientifically illiterate asshats stand up to protest something.

    You are clearly in the pay of big Alt Med. (See how dumb that sounds? Grow up and deal with the data.)


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