Skeptics visit the Creation Museum

About a year ago, over Christmas break, Eve and I visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It was fun and everything, but not for the reasons the creators (with a lower-case “c”) intended.

This never happened.


Every so often, we may post audio of our public talks. Just be you warned. This is a young website, one sparking with shiny promise.


The Atlanta Skeptics in the Pub podcast, by the way, is produced by Mark Ditsler of Abrupt Media. He’s a multimedia whiz-bang and does a great job for the Altanta Skeptics. He’s also on the steering committee of the newly formed IIG-Atlanta. More on that project soon!


One Response to Skeptics visit the Creation Museum

  1. Pacal says:

    So you’ve both been to the Creation Museum. From what I’ve read and seen about iot that must have been one truly surreal experience. Noah’s flood alone must have been “batshit” insane.

    P.S. I tried down loading your podcast my computer won’t co-operate.

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