The Week in Conspiracy (26 March 2011)

More news that validates everything regarding whatever position I advocated last week about who’s really in control. I mean, it’s staring you in the face, man! Or woman. Or reptillian-human uberlord.

JV — Did the AIDS crisis hinder or help the Homosexual Movement?

RE — In terms of finances, government-sponsored AIDS programs proved to be the goose that laid the golden egg, and millions of dollars of “health” funds has made their way into homosexual political/activist organizations. AIDS has the added “benefit” of helping to reduce the “surplus population,” in keeping with the New World Order’s relentless campaign against the proliferation of people. Unfortunately, the useful idiots that dominate the “gay” leadership have yet to figure that out, or if they have, they are silent so as not to loose their salaries, or possibly their lives.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week!

Almost forgot about this one! A group that seems to represent the (few probably delusional) family members of 9/11 victims (but sounds more like it is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) launched an ad campaign to raise an awareness of WTC 7. As badly as I feel for some of these people, I can’t help but remind you that your personal tragedy does not give you expertise any more than having expelled a child from her uterus makes Jenny McCarthy an infectious disease specialist.

That’s what I got for now, people. Keep the tin foil tightly wrapped!


2 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy (26 March 2011)

  1. David Gerard says:

    Icke’s Reptilian theory is extended by the really quite amazing Amitakh Stanford to encompass the full terrifying details about their opposition, the Vulturites, who abuse Earth as part of a proxy war, right down to interfering in soccer. The fiends!

  2. House Tleilaxu says:

    David, I guess that explains why my home country of Bulgaria ties an overwhelming majority of matches. No team could be naturally so mediocre as to neither win nor lose; it must be aliens.

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