Check out Virtual Skeptics episode 15! The Mabus Chronicles…

This week on Virtual Skeptics

  • Bob finds out that he could probably practice medicine in Texas;
  • Eve explains why scientific ignorance is political bliss;
  • Sharon encourages you to stay active [this is a news update on some positive skepticism stories for the week];
  • and Tim has nothing for us this week, as it was completely uneventful.

This Week’s Panel:

  • Bob Blaskiewicz – CSI’s Conspiracy Guy web columnist, blogger for Skeptical Humanities and Swift Blog contributor
  • Eve Siebert – Editor and blogger at Skeptical Humanities
  • Sharon Hill – Editor of Doubtful News and author of the CSI’s Sounds Sciencey web column
  • Tim Farley – JREF fellow and creator of What’s the,the Skeptical Software Tools blog, and the official Virtual Skeptics Cherub of Canadian Justice!!!

The Virtual Skeptics is recorded live in a google hangout at every Wednesday at 8PM eastern.


One Response to Check out Virtual Skeptics episode 15! The Mabus Chronicles…

  1. Pacal says:

    I’m a little pissed that Dr. B. has managed to avoid being closed down because of what appears to be a technicality.

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