The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

My most recent “Conspiracy Guy” article is up at the CSICOP website. It’s about the DIA conspiracy.


5 Responses to The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

  1. Ken says:

    I’ve never really understood this one, because what sort of idiot plans a huge secret project then provides everyone with clues to reveal the details? Other than the Riddler, of course, but he’s mentally ill. And fictional. Even the other fictional villains wait until after Bond is strapped into the inescapable death-trap before monologuing.

  2. Pacal says:

    I don’t get it. Those people asked about the meaning of the murals stating that their meaning is unclear when it is as clear as day. But I guess that is the secret of Conspiracy thinking, the obvious becomes unclear and the unclear becomes completely opaque.

    As for the second mural, regarding man living in harmony with nature. The first photo shows a group of children reacting with dismay and sadness at seeing the dead corpse of a Snow Leopard, contrary to what one of the people being interviewed said it is not a Cheetah. The spots and colouring are wrong for a Cheetah.

    The symbolism is clear not too long ago it was thought that the Snow Leopard was extinct and for almost a decade their were no documented sightings of a Snow Leopard until a National Geographic photographer found some. The Snow Leopard, an almost painfully beautiful animal, was almost hunted to extinction for its fur.

    In the dream part of the mural you see alive and kicking a Snow Leopard family, part of the dream of living in harmony with nature.

    Here are some Snow Leopard pictures.

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