This Week in Conspiracy (4 March 2012)

Georgia seems to have survived yet another assault of tornados sent to us by HAARP, probably to silence the beacon of reason that is this website. Of course, now that Skeptical Humanities is an international affair, it will be harder to take us down. Muahahaha!

So, this is the Week in Conspiracy, my take on the week in weak. And this week was not weak in terms of its weakness. It was powerful weak.

The biggest story on the scaredy-sphere this week was the death of right-winger and all around truly horrid person Andrew Breitbart, which I imagine was a tragedy for someone, somewhere. Probably someone like Rush Limbaugh.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, you’re lucky, but he would fake stories about supposed devious doings on the left, which, for some reason, the media took seriously. Think of the Shirley Sherrod affair a few years back. Breitbart.

Conspiracy theories appeared almost instantaneously. Alex Jones wondered if the Obama crime machine was responsible for the death. He goes so far as to wonder if there is a Stalinist purge of Administration critics in the works. Truth Excavator wonders:

“Was Breitbart becoming too big of a problem, and needed to be taken out, mafia-style? This is only speculation at this point. But 43 is too young for someone to die of natural causes, so let the conspiracy theories fly and we’ll see where the truth lands.”

People die of natural causes at young ages all the time. Insofar as Breitbart being a big problem, Obama is head and shoulders above whatever goofball the Republicans put up against him in November. The going theory among the less than scrupulous is that Breitbart was going to release college video footage of Obama. Why risk killing someone? As for the question, “Cui bono?” which is being asked all over the conspirasphere, clearly the conspiracy theorists have benefited and are therefor the most likely killers of Andrew Breitbart. Of course Breitbart predicted something would happen on the first of March. Did the CIA use a “heart attack gun” on Breitbart? A poison dart? Perhaps the autopsy will get to the truth. The best part of this story was a comment thread following Gawker’s coverage about the conspiracy theories that exploded on Twitter after Breitbart’s death was announced.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

I can imagine it now–an adviser to Ron Paul shuffles up to the candidate and whispers: “Dr. Paul, why don’t you stand here in front of this big freaking Confederate flag and bitch about how the Civil War deprived white people of rights…OH, F*CK I WAS JOKING!”


7 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (4 March 2012)

  1. Bradley A. Skene says:

    So Arapaio figured out that Obama’s birth certificate was generated by a word processing program and not made on a typewriter? And that Adobe software reads text boxes as layers? What a genius! He ought to be in the US Senate with Rand Paul!

  2. Ken says:

    He goes so far as to wonder if there is a Stalinist purge of Administration critics in the works.

    I wonder if there’s some weird envy involved – “why’d they go after Breitbart first?” Most conspiracy nuts seem to have an elevated sense of their importance and influence. I imagine it would be upsetting to be ignored by the purge.

  3. Pacal says:

    Well so Ron Paul is mouthing Neo-Confederate revisionistic nonsense. Figures.

  4. David Gerard says:

    Only a malicious leftist could think that the good Dr. Paul had any awareness of the contents of his speech or its location. He just put his name on them, he certainly didn’t know about them in any way.

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