Shakespeare Kitteh







10 Responses to Shakespeare Kitteh

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its amazing that you can be so utterly presumptuous and certain of something for which there is virtually no actual evidence. What is not revealing is that many Oxfordians are very likely well represented by people predisposed to making unwarranted assumptions. What is far more revealing is your own utter lack of honesty and capability to admit that there nothing warranting the level of certainty you express. And in fact you are completely dishonest and or incredibly ignorant about the strength of many of the claims.

  2. Bob says:


    There are multiple lines of evidence for the accepted scholarly consensus. We have sod all for any alternative. Get over it. Read the opening of any Shakespeare anthology (I recommend the Norton b/c is the cheapest) and then tell me to my face there’s no evidence.


    I look forward to your sniveling, abject apology.


    • Anonymous says:

      Read over On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt because that is what you are engaging in. And you clearly have no regard for the relevancy of truth or you are completely incapable of understanding what any reasonable and intelligent human being would regard as anything that actually constitutes any semblance of evidence. And you obviously have no concept whatsoever of what skepticism means. But I commend you on your personal commitment to carbon sequestration though sadly that appears to be the only purpose you serve. But I would happily tell you this to your fat face.

  3. Pacal says:

    As per usual I love the pic of the cute furry beastie. This time in ruffles!! YES!!!

    As for the comments in Little English No sense. I got throughly exasperated by the repeated mantra “no evidence”. There is no point in replying with the same old stuff only to have it ignored.

  4. Bob says:

    You know what, I’m seriously considering scanning several pages of the no evidence and give them it. Just posting a link or something. Ach. It won’t help though. Grr.

  5. De Vere says:

    This pompous pile of “anonymous” shizazz obviously didn’t attend the same grammar school as I. T’were he to labour o’er the fi’re o’ true wisd’om he t’would shorely see his ways e’rroneous.

  6. Bob says:

    Verily, but ’tis a twat of which we speak.

  7. knitwitted says:

    So hath Shakespeare kitteh yet written any plays? My rabbit, pretending to be a kitteh, has written such a piece . I know, a shameless plug, but whatever. And for whatever reason, my rabbit appears to be spealling challenged (what rabbit isn’t?)…

    BTW… would you happen to know if Shax was right- or left-handed? Might make a difference to the Oxfordian theorists.

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