The Week in Conspiracy (25 Sept 2011)

I’m recovering from a case of what was probably the Outbreak virus and working variously on numerous little projects, as always. But I’m not so busy that I would miss this week’s conspiracy theory round-up. I have been looking at some pretty horrid Christian Identity stuff lately, so I am a little more bitter than usual. It won’t appear here. You’re welcome.

  • Here was five awesome minutes worth of research on my part. Some guy makes a video about transcripts of the radio chatter between the LEM and Command Module on Apollo 10 while they were behind the moon. This is cool enough for me, but then the crew members report hearing what they call music, “like andouter space-like thing”. Here’s the vid:

So the guy highlights a few quotes. Luckily, he zooms in enough on them so that at time 3:38, you can see that the noise is on channel VFH-A, which I dropped into the Googles and got an eminently reasonable explanation. Shielded by the moon, Apollo was not receiving any terrestrial broadcast, but broadcasts are not the only source of radio in the universe, or even the solar system. Lacking other radio sources, Jupiter would have been the loudest radio source in Earth’s lunar radio shadow. Guess what it sounds like?

Awesome! So, guys, do your homework. Learning is cool!

  • My only excursion to 9/11 Trutherism this week (probably because I never get invited to the orgies of deception) is both unintentionally ironic and condescending. I think it’s a snippet from the most recent bigtime Truther vid, 9/11: Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out. In it, psychologists tell you exactly why you can’t let go of that feeling that the government is a warm cuddly friend who strokes your inner thigh every night as you drift off–COGNITIVE DISSONANCE! You can start to expect hearing this phrase used by Truthers (as I have recently–it’s a charge leveled against me twice here).

The funny thing is that absolutely nobody worth listening to takes their arguments seriously, so what do they do to correct the disparity between that reality and their understanding of the world? They invoke cognitive dissonance! Ahahaha! Damn, I love the irony. It’s like a loop-the-loop of fail.

Conspiracy Theories of the Week:

And lastly a skeptical shout out to Tim Farley of, who has compiled a brief What’s the Harm rundown of real damage done by conspiracist beliefs.

That’s all everyone! Don’t take any wooden nickels. Or any all-nickel nickels, for that matter.


6 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy (25 Sept 2011)

  1. Pacal says:

    Jupitor is not the only outside earth source of radio waves. The Sun is a massive and potent source of radio waves. Jupitor is I believe the second most powerful source of radio waves, after the sun, in the solar system. Saturn also emits, much weaker radio waves. In fact it appears that virtually any physical body can emit radio waves albeit at very low levels of energy.

    As for the Psychologists trying to explain “denier” denial. It is nothing more than a variation of an ad-homenim. Instead of attacking someone’s arguements attack the person. Such fantasy armchair speculation of why people believe certain stuff is just that speculation.

    So instead of analyzing why “deniers” deny, i.e., why they find “truther” arguements unconvincing. Instead analyze the the alleged psychological problems of deniers. This is avoiding the question of the factual and logical basis of “truther” arguements, there isn’t much to be blunt, and it provides the vicarious satisfaction of labeling those who disagree with you nuts.

    I generally don’t like this sort of arguing. I have no particular problem with labeling certain arguements stupid etc., and lumping this sort of stuff with Holocaust denial and other absurdities, but frankly I think the vast majority of “truthers” are perfectly sane only quite completely wrong.

  2. Bob says:

    I’ve looked into this Apollo thing a little more, and there is another explanation. Yes, the sun may have been the source. Jupiter may have been the source (I guess which is more likely depends on whether or not Apollo 10 was in actual shadow). It also seems that it may have been the two mics that the command module and the LM can make a wacky space-noise too, basically feedback. Apollo 11 was briefed on this sound too. So, yeah. I like Jupiter myself, because it sounds like the soundtrack to 2001. At the same time, what it does point to is multiple potential sources of “music.”

    I think that what these shitty psychologists are doing is making a straw man. We only love the government, they are saying. No, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re actually looking at the evidence and finding it compelling. 🙂


  3. Ken says:

    On certain frequencies, Earth is the most powerful source of electromagnetic radiation in the Solar System. It’s probably what attracts all those UFOs and comets.

    I had a reminder a couple of weeks ago that pareidolia works with sounds. There were some repairs in the building where I work, and they were using some kind of rotary pump. The repetitive squeak it made was in the range of the human voice and it really sounded like some kind of chanting. We were even arguing about the words, though we all knew there weren’t any.

  4. Alex Thomas says:


    You literally worship the establishment.

    I am SICK and tired of you misquoting us and taking everything that is said completely out of context.

    I know that when you see an article with thousands of facebook likes and retweets it makes your angry knowing how much more people we reach than you, but it does NOT give you the right to openly lie about us.

    I am sure you are very jealous that your tiny piece of trash website receives maybe a 1000 hits a day but man you really come off sounding like a whiny jerk.

    Another thing, I wrote the article you misquote us on and think its an absolute joke that you would say i forgot to take my meds.

    See these are things that cowards in their moms basement say not honest truth seekers with any sort of journalistic integrity.

    Face it, YOU ARE A LOSER. I will publicly debate you ANY TIME.

    Its time for you TO MAN UP, stop using straw man attacks, and debate some of these issues that you are so sure you know the answer to.

    Alex Thomas
    The Intel Hub

  5. Alex Thomas says:

    Only a piece of trash scumbag would attempt to make fun of someone for reporting legitimate death threats.

    Susan Lindauer is a truth teller who IS receiving death threats and you RJB are a piece of TRASH for making fun of it.

    by the way you tiny site sucks.. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO YOU

  6. Bob says:

    I take it back. You are completely normal, Alex.

    Alright, let’s see where in the flurry of insults is a point…

    OK, you are saying I misquoted you. I don’t presume to quote you. How could I then misquote you? You do say lots of factually incorrect things, like comets coincide with earthquakes. Let’s see how likely this is, shall we? What’s the real force exerted on earth by Elenin? Astroblogger has done the work for us:

    F = G *([m_1*m_2]/r^2)

    OK, so G is the gravitational constant
    6.67300 × 10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2
    M_1 is the mass of Elenin. We don’t know exactly how big it is, but it’s smaller than Halley’s comet, so we’ll use that as an upper limit value: (2.2×10^14 kg) (source: astroblogger)
    M_2 is the mass of Earth: 5.9742 × 10^24 kilograms
    The radius is the distance between the two objects at closest approach, which again according to astroblogger is 273137000000 m

    The force of gravity caused by Elenin, even if it is as big as it could possibly be and as close as it could possibly be is, 10^34 times LESS THAN THE TIDAL FORCES OF THE MOON. This is basically nothing. Don’t worry about it.

    Alex, these question have real answers that are available to you. You don’t need to spin yarns or freak out. You don’t need to be afraid of Elenin. By the way, Astroblogger also explains why we are almost guaranteed to have a 6+ earthquake near any “alignment” and it’s just statistics.

    And this is the thing about Lindauer, you are asserting that she is credible. This is not enough for me. Show me the freaking tapes. Show me a police report. Show me anything that corroborates her story. What is asserted without evidence may be dismissed without evidence. I’ve shown the court documents that said she was a mentally ill and not competent to participate in her own defense. HER OWN LAWYERS argued she was mentally ill, fer crying out loud. I’m not making fun of her, but I’m not assuming, as you are, that what she says is true, even if she believes it.


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