The Week in Conspiracy 6 March 2011

This week saw the beginning of the end. It’s all coming together now. If you can believe it, it’s even more sensational than the previous week, which I misidentified as the climax of history. That’s this current week. Yes. For sure this time. I know this because it was announced on Twitter that today, March 6, is the beginning of the world uprising.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

I’m not enamored with the judgment of The View’s producers putting Alex Jones on, so I am going to air an oldie but goodie, Alex Jones getting slapped around by…some guy:


6 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy 6 March 2011

  1. House Tleilaxu says:

    I found the “Earth expanding will cause 2012 apocalypse” particularly entertaining. Apparently, not only does sunlight magically pass through the crust and get turned into matter in the Earth’s core, but rising sea levels is a sign that the Earth is getting bigger. It’s not like it will take more water to cover a larger area or anything…

    • Nicole says:

      If you want to hear some really crazy expanding-Earth stuff, listen to the interview that the Skeptics’ Guide did with Neal Adams. Oh, man… that interview.

      (Just make sure you have something happy and rational around for afterwards)

  2. Ken says:

    It occurs to me that the people who think that people cannot possibly be responsible for modern technology, attributing it to aliens…

    Actually I found this almost heartening. I’ve seen claims that the von-Daniken-and-ancient-astronauts people are motivated by racism. This shows that the claim isn’t “brown people were too stupid to build pyramids” but “all people are too stupid to build anything.” So racism isn’t the only factor.

  3. Bob says:

    Wow. That is cold comfort. Wow. 🙂


  4. Nicole says:

    Watching that Alex Jones video, I’m thinking that perhaps he heard the word “strawman” from some skeptically-inclined person who tried to argue with him, misunderstood it, and has been throwing it back at people ever since.

  5. Bob says:

    It’s clear that he does not understand it. That’s what’s so bizarre about it.
    “Show me your evidence.”
    “But I need to see what you are talking about.”
    “Would you like fries with that?”


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