Illuminati Mind Control Lemur Baby

August 18, 2011

A clear example of Illuminati mind control extending to other species is this image of a lemur:

This is what Vigilant Citizen does all day.

But I’m not satisfied with that. It needs something else…

Ah, that's better!


UPDATE: Eve just dubbed her “Lemur Baby Gaga.”

From our foreign correspondent…

August 12, 2011

…the Blessed Professor Acker, who is currently in England. Hopefully he’s looting something nice for us. Oh, also that he remembers to steal an adapter since the plugs are different over there. He apparently picked up an Annunciation for himself:


Ha! I’m like a meme-maker-person!

August 6, 2011

I was flipping through a website, “Happy Place,” that collects photos of amusing signs/graffiti, etc., and I came across a photo I took! It’s the Walk This Way/Talk This Way sign that was on Georgia Tech’s campus about 2 months ago! Haha!

I’m so proud of me. That site, by the way, will suck away all of your time and life and before you know it you will be dead, so be careful. Heheh.



A reply to FederalJack

August 6, 2011

Last night, a person at who goes by the name Popeye “called me out” to debate him on his radio(? internet?) show over my most recent “This Week in Conspiracy.”

See? My reply follows. Enjoy.

I’ll post my sources in the morning in an update. Bob is tired because he was hanging out with interesting, clever people tonight.

Update–sources and more: 

Indictment against Susan Lindauer.

Steven Jones on his retirement: “The university’s been great. I feel like they’ve been fair with me in this settlement we’ve reached in this retirement. I feel pretty chipper.”

Richard Gage’s audience surveys, which demonstrates that his audience is overwhelmingly already on his side.


Go the Fuck to Sleep

July 12, 2011

I’m using children’s books to teach visual design in my classes these days.

Not this one:

Or, if that is not to your liking, how about Samuel L. Jackson’s rendition:


I’m not going to TAM, but I’m going to have fun anyway!

July 10, 2011

While I can’t attend the skeptical hajj (which every skeptic must attend at least once in their life!), Eve is taking me to see Tim Minchin, who is performing in Atlanta during TAMapalooza. Tim will be playing at Center Stage Atlanta, the 1100 seat theater where TruthCon was held.  In celebration of the event, I am going to post the first version of “Storm” that I encountered. (You’ll have to visit his channel to see the excellent version that was released this year.) The narrator of Storm would have locked Center Stage’s doors from the outside and set the place on fire, laughing and sobbing all the way.


Eve’s Skepticamp Presentation: The Mythical Origins of Dirty Words

July 2, 2011

Me again.

A few weekends ago, Eve delivered a talk at Skepticamp Atlanta about cunts, shit, fucking, and shit-fucking cunts.

The Mythical Origins of Naughty Words from Atlanta Skeptics on Vimeo.

Not safe for work. Though it is completely appropriate if your work is a daycare or a church or if you are at a McDonalds.


My visit to the TruthCon…in video form!

June 30, 2011

Tim Farley, or as I like to think of him, Novellatron 2.0, has created a vimeo site for the Atlanta Skepticamp. Below is the talk-version of my Skeptical Inquirer article:

All They Want is the Truth: TruthCon 2011 from Atlanta Skeptics on Vimeo.

If you want to see the vids as they appear (a couple hundred MB at a time), visit the site!

Check out Tim’s, an invaluable skeptical resource. More coming soon!


Sneak preview of things to come…

June 23, 2011

A month ago, I sat down with Richard Gage at a local 9/11 Truth conference. The organizers of the event put up the video of that interview today. Here is part one of three. You can find the other ones for yourself, if you are so interested.

The site is pretty interesting:

The interviewer, Bob J. Blaskiewickz [sic] teaches a course on “conspiracy theory” and “pseudoscience” at the Georgia Tech Institute of Technology [sic].  Though he has been challenged to feature one of the 1,500 + Architects and Engineers in either a live or Skyped debate of the evidence he has declined to test his knowledge in front of his students with any of the 1,500+ experts.  Gee, I wonder why….  Perhaps it is because if he were to attempt to defend the thoroughly discredited “official” conspiracy theory of the US government in a debate with a  representative from, that he would be exposed completely, as having  little to no knowledge or understanding of the forensic evidence that he presumes to  debunk in his classes.

To his credit he did behave in this interview, though many of his questions were simply reciting long discredited arguments from fellow pseudo debunkers, such as Ryan Mackey or Jonathan Kay.  It remains to be seen whether or not any of the incredible forensic evidence that is brought forward in this interview or in the subsequent presentation of “Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction” will ever find a way into any of the “Skeptical” Inquirer’s media catalog of magazines, podcasts, and videos online.

Apparently, I’m a complete bastard, but you don’t see it here. I did in fact invite a 9/11 Truther to my class, which works well enough for me. I’m pretty sure I told him that, but that’s fine.

The funny thing is that I turned in an 8,000-word article last week to Skeptical Inquirer, which will be edited down to 3,000. So, not every word can possibly be printed, but I will include a link in the edited version to this interview. You’re welcome. I just didn’t want anyone to think they had shamed me into including parts of this evidence–it is the bulk of the article I already submitted. I behave even when I’m not being filmed.



Skepticamp Atlanta: Live, Online, All-Nude!

June 10, 2011

Oh well, 2 out of 3 is not bad.

Tomorrow, Atlanta Skeptics are leaving the bar (for once) to put on a two-day online extravaganza: Skepticamp 2011: This Time It’s Personal. We will be streaming live on the Internet, so you may be able to see my talk or Eve’s talk. I’ll be doing a bit about my visit to the TruthCon at 1:00PM Eastern, while Eve will go at 1:30 and will be talking about the history of profanity.

I am embedding a widget linky doodad below, but in case that does not work, you can click on this link to get to the live web stream. Remember to ask questions in the chat and to introduce yourselves?


    Vodpod videos no longer available.