A reply to FederalJack

Last night, a person at FederalJack.com who goes by the name Popeye “called me out” to debate him on his radio(? internet?) show over my most recent “This Week in Conspiracy.”

See? My reply follows. Enjoy.

I’ll post my sources in the morning in an update. Bob is tired because he was hanging out with interesting, clever people tonight.

Update–sources and more: 

Indictment against Susan Lindauer.

Steven Jones on his retirement: “The university’s been great. I feel like they’ve been fair with me in this settlement we’ve reached in this retirement. I feel pretty chipper.”

Richard Gage’s audience surveys, which demonstrates that his audience is overwhelmingly already on his side.


2 Responses to A reply to FederalJack

  1. Pacal says:

    Good reply. These people are true believers and virtually nothing will convince them otherwise. That their widespread infinitely clever and infinitely powerful and infinitely perfect conspiracies are shall we say not credible is obvious. If they confined themselves, in regards to 9/11, to the idea that the “government” is trying to cover its ass, that would be a different story. My personal belief is that there is a sort of “coverup” to coverup a serious intelligence failure to say nothing of the campaign of lies and deception to justify the invasion of Iraq; much of which was self deception by people in government. In other words they were not just decieving others they were also to some extent decieving themselves.

    However the above is the sort of half assed crap goverments do all to often. However the cold calculated, perfect conspiracy fantasized by “truthers” is so much paranoid hallucinations.

    One of the results of the “truther” crap has in fact been the relative lack of a serious indepth government investigation of the intelligence failure and the camapign to justify the invasion of Irag with bogus / dubious crap.

    Thanks “truthers”!

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks, Pacal. We should never assume “deceit” when “incompetence” will suffice as an explanation. You point out other reasons why conspiracy theories are worth combating.


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