The Big Pharma Conspiracy Theory

When I’m not saving the world, I’m writing and talking about conspiracy theories. Last week, a reviewed article I wrote about the Big Pharma conspiracy theory for the journal Medical Writing was published. It’s called “The Big Pharma Conspiracy Theory,” which suddenly seems somehow uninventive as titles go, even if it is completely accurate.

Sadly, my spot as a caller with the American History Guys on Backstory was cut, so if you want to hear me not talking to them you can listen to the episode “Grassy Knolls,” which is out now.


3 Responses to The Big Pharma Conspiracy Theory

  1. Pacal says:

    It is interesting that you write about conspiracy thinking and “Big Pharma”, because there is a lot to criticize Pharma for. But such criticism should focus on institutional problems not on satanic conspiracies hatched in dark rooms.

    How to legitimately and quite devastatingly attack “Big Pharma” is shown by Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre. Who is anything but a conspiracy buff or believer in woo. See his Bad Science. Sadly conspiracy idiocy taints even legitimate criticism.

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