The Burzynski Clinic: A Lesson About the Importance of Stories…

Last night, Tim Farley broke news that the FDA’s findings into Burzynski’s research practices had been published in the online FOIA reading room. In response, the James Randi Educational Foundation has released its videos of the sessions devoted to Burzynski and other quacks. I talked about a project I have been involved with and contribute to as an English teacher, telling the stories of the patients who did not make it:

David Gorski–Why We Fight, Part 1: Stanislaw Burzynski vs. Science-Based Medicine

Bob Blaskiewicz–Why We Fight, Part 2: “It’s All About the Patients”

TAM panel on science-based medicine:

4 Responses to The Burzynski Clinic: A Lesson About the Importance of Stories…

  1. Pacal says:

    I read the summary you linked to Bob and I am speechless!! Burzynski destroyed the baselines, so there is no way to measure results!! I don’t know how much lower my opinion of this man can sink.

  2. Bradley Skene says:

    Do you think agencies Ike the FDA or the board that licenses him to practice medicine will take action?

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