Linguistics ‘Hall of Shame’ 25

Hi again, everybody! ‘Hall Of Shame’ continues (still between heritage trips!).


ILCC Inc. (Intergalactic Lovetrance Civilization Center) work to ‘provide more precise guidance to seekers of Truth’. They adopt a Vedantic world-view similar to that of Oak, Knapp and other extreme Hindu writers discussed in earlier instalments of this blog: Hinduism and the Sanskrit language were universal throughout the world for millions of years, until wicked Christians, scientists etc. took advantage of temporary weakness to pervert this paradise and re-write history. ‘Lovetrance’ is ILCC’s name for the civilisation which existed before this outrage and (if they had their way) would exist again. However, they need first to become more accurate about basic historical facts. There follows their account of British history; all of it is grossly in error. Strangely, none of this (except, marginally, 2) relates to these writers’ non-standard ideas on Hinduism, the Vedas etc. 1) First [Britain] was conquered by the Romans, then the Celts. 2) The Celts combined with the ancient Aryan Dravidians… 3) Britain was then gradually conquered by the Mutos, Thangles, Sextons, and Danes. 4) In 1066 French and Germans from Denmark’s royal races conquered and governed over Britain. 5) The British were then converted into Christians. 6) Until Henry VII, French was the national language of England. 7) Then the German royal race was amalgamated into England and the conqueror and the conquered became amalgamated into one Christian community.

More next time!


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