Virtual Skeptics, Episode 31 (20 March 2013)

This week on the Virtual Skeptics

  • Bob sacrifices Tim to the Illuminati for the success of the show;
  • Eve asks, “Got penis?”;
  • Sharon is mad Bob took her story so she is going to go watch television;
  • and Tim wants to see your papers – including your cash.

This Week’s Panel

  • Bob Blaskiewicz – CSI’s Conspiracy Guy web columnist, blogger for Skeptical Humanities and Swift Blog contributor
  • Eve Siebert – Editor and blogger at Skeptical Humanities and contributor to Skepticality
  • Sharon Hill – Editor of Doubtful News and author of the CSI’s Sounds Sciencey web column
  • Tim Farley – JREF fellow and creator of What’s the and the Skeptical Software Tools blog and also contributor to Skepticality.

Bob’s links:

Eve’s links:

Other sources:

  • Ivan Crozier, “Making Up Koro: Multiplicity, Psychiatry, Culture, and Penis-Shrinking Anxieties,” Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 67.1 (2012): 36-70.
  • Johan J. Mattelaer and Wolfgang Jilek, “Koro: The Psychological Disappearance of the Penis,” Journal of Sexual Medicine 4 (2007): 1509-1515.
  • Moira Smith. “The Flying Phallus and the Laughing Inquisitor: Penis Theft in Malleus Maleficarum,” Journal of Folklore Research 39.1 (2002): 85-117.

Sharon’s links:

Tim’s links:

Brian’s Robot links:


The Virtual Skeptics is an independent production of Doubtful News,, Skeptical Humanities, and Brian Gregory. Our logo was designed by Sara Mayhew at Our theme music is by Tremor and is used with permission.

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