Bob and Eve appearing at TAM 2013

Yesterday, the James Randi Educational Foundation released the lineup for this year’s The Amaz!ng Meeting (theme: “Fighting the Fakers”) and Eve and I were honored to be announced as presenters. The speakers are truly spectacular, and I keep going back to remind myself how totally awesome it’s going to be. The keynote speaker will be Susan Jacoby, an excellent choice. It will be hosted again this year by George Hrab.

The current lineup includes:

  • Dan Ariely
  • Susan Blackmore
  • Russell Blackford
  • Elisabeth Cornwell
  • Jerry Coyne
  • Barbara Drescher
  • Reginald Finley
  • David Gorski
  • D. J. Grothe
  • Susan Haack
  • Harriet Hall
  • Sharon Hill
  • Marty Klein
  • Max Maven
  • Sara E. Mayhew
  • Steve Novella
  • Edwina Rogers
  • Massimo Pigliucci
  • Massimo Polidoro
  • Cara Santa Maria
  • Joe Schwarcz
  • Michael Shermer
  • Karen Stollznow
  • Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Banachek
  • Joshie Berger
  • Evan Bernstein
  • Bob Blaskiewicz
  • Bryan & Baxter
  • Chip Denman
  • Tim Farley
  • Shane Greenup
  • Miranda Celeste Hale
  • Kyle Hill
  • Daniel Loxton
  • Maria Myrback
  • Bob Novella
  • Jay Novella
  • Penn & Teller
  • Don Prothero
  • Stuart J. Robbins
  • Paul Provenza
  • Todd Robbins
  • Richard Saunders
  • Eve Siebert
  • Nakul Shenoy
  • Brian Thompson
  • Brent Weedman

The sheer number of books I’ll need to bring to get signed will take up most of my luggage space. And I’m FINALLY going to get to meet Daniel Loxton, fer crying out loud.

You will notice a number of the Virtual Skeptics on the program, because we are pretty much a year-round self-contained TAM party. As far as my contribution to the program, as I understand it, I will be participating in two events. The first will be a workshop for educators called “Skepticism Across the Curriculum” on Thursday morning (with Eve). The second will likely be a main stage event (possibly with David Gorski et al.) about fighting quacks, which is in keeping with the theme of the convention.

A lot of new faces and a lot of familiar ones. If you are attending, or just really wanting to experience it vicariously, get the Lanyard app, an excellent crowd sourced all-purpose multimedia virtual convention program.

I guess I should also mention that I will also be appearing at NECSS in just under two months. A lot of my superheroes are presenting there too. (How does this keep happening to me?) I’ll be doing an education workshop there with Marc David Barnhill. It promises to be an excellent weekend.


6 Responses to Bob and Eve appearing at TAM 2013

  1. Bob says:

    I’m more exciteder.

  2. We must find a way to settle this fight over who is more excited about TAM. I think that the best course of action is to have a dance-off/squee-off. Or, we could draw pistols at dawn. Or something. (^‿^)

  3. Bob says:

    Tactical nuclear weapons at 20 paces.

  4. Pacal says:

    I am ashamed to admit I had never heard of David Loxton before. So I looked him up. Well Jr. Skeptic and he is a Canadian. Cool!!

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