This Week in Conspiracy (2 Dec 2012)

It’s a balmy day here in Wisconsin. In December. It’s probably just the sun or hippies or something.

A week of editing, writing, crusading, and, above all, grading has passed, and I am up to my eyes in tales of small groups of people doing very naughty things in secret. So let’s get to the conspiracy theories!

Twit of the Week:

Jesse Ventura started a rumor this week that TruTV is messing with his show. Curiously, he has not updated his twitter feed since. Perhaps his overlords at the network are reminding him of who he works for? Muahahahah! Then this came across the feed:

CT W/ Jesse Ventura @CTWJV

Jesse Ventura: Is Time Warner Sabotaging Conspiracy Theory? If you are A cable, dish network, or directv…

Headline of the Week:

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

And with that, let’s face it, conspiracy theories are now done. They just don’t get any better than that! It’s all downhill from here, folks!


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