This Week in Conspiracy (13 Nov 2012)

We had snow this week in Wisconsin, but I didn’t see it because I was working on a bunch of different projects–job apps, a piece for Disinfo (which got picked up at Boing Boing, thanks to Xeni Jardin), and a couple of other things that are in the works. My job is never done, whatever that job may be.

We’re through the election. Mitt Romney’s kids did not manipulate the electronic voting, or whatever, unless they strongly dislike their dad (which is a real possibility considering who he is). The proposed Benghazi conspiracy fell mostly on deaf ears. L’affaire Petraeus is blowing up right now, and we need to see how that pans out, but I’m mostly completely uninterested in it. It’s like a bad soap opera.

But I have miles to go before I sleep, and things aren’t getting any less crazy!

  • This would have been funny if it weren’t Mark Dice, who is just as silly and is acting a bit like a jilted lover:
Anonymous 4thEstate (@OpMediaEngaged)
#Benghazi Reveals Obama-Islamist Alliance

Godlike Productions @glptweets
BREAKING!!!! LINK…80% of N.J. gas stations WITHOUT GAS!!!! DOOM ON!!

  • Calm down, Mr. Doom On! The government just wants you to think there was a hurricane.
  • Ed Asner is still alive.
  • Remember when martial law was declared all over the country for Hurricane Sandy? Me neither.
  • Yeah, I don’t agree with Fenster on this (or at least the gloss they give one his comments). Conspiracy theories don’t turn out to be “right” because by their nature they are bad methodology itself. Even if the conclusion happens to correspond with reality, the theory itself is still deeply flawed. But I’m a nitpicker. Ooh! There’s a nit! (scampers off):
  • Chris French and Tony Sobrado on the psychology of conspiracy theory. Bathe in their dreamy accents:

This Week in Mark Dice is a Horrible Person:

His love letter to the veterans:

Mark Dice @MarkDice Thanks for getting your legs blown off for the Illuminati banking elite! Happy Veterans Day!

His love letter to Tony Sobrado:

Mark Dice (@MarkDice) tweeted at 4:23 PM on Sun, Nov 11, 2012:
@TonySobrado do you have ANYTHING else to tweet other than the same 3 tweets every single day? #Loser (

Twits of the Week:

This was a favorite from the Borowitz Report:

Attention parents: if you give your children even the tiniest bit of attention now, maybe they won’t grow up to be Donald Trump.

Perhaps that had something to do with this:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Obama lied 100% about Libya and the killings–emails are absolute. He
must release his records on Wednesday and stop the lies.

Possible POE, but makes me happy to think it’s not:

Stephen Lee @CaptainSLEE
If space has no oxygen, then how the fuck is the sun on fire? It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s just science.

There’s also this:

Top Conservative Cat (@TeaPartyCat) tweeted at 4:25 PM on Thu, Nov 01, 2012: Rush Limbaugh: “Obama only had FEMA help New Jersey so Chris Christie would embarrass Romney. It’s blackmail!”

And this made me happy:

Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo)

Can we pass law saying: if a foreign born secret muslim manages to get elected president twice, he/she automatically becomes natural citizen

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

That’s all. I’m hoping for things to settle down here in the next few weeks, but you never know.


2 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (13 Nov 2012)

  1. Pacal says:

    So Wholly Nutsoid Demented was able to show that Obama’s campaign accepted some small donations of c. 15 dollars from “Bin Laden”. This is news?

    What it i8s is pathetic.

  2. Ken says:

    a graphic about Obama-related conspiracy theories at Mother Jones

    That it follows the Law of Fives is further proof all the conspiracies are true.

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