Another patient who trusted Stanislaw Burzynski has died

I have started a storify page that is devoted solely to the people who have gone to Burzynski’s clinic. Earlier this week, Rachael Mackey, a truly vibrant person died at the age of 28 of a brain tumor. In her last month, she banked on Burzynski. I am heartbroken. Here is Rachael’s story.

4 Responses to Another patient who trusted Stanislaw Burzynski has died

  1. Pacal says:

    I’m surprised the Burzynski groupies arn’t here yet. However I just found on the web the following rather insightful reviews of two “peer reviewed”, papers by Dr. Burzynski.

    God! this stuff screams fraud.

  2. Lionel says:

    Let me get this right – the sad, indeed heart-breaking example of Rachael proves that antineoplaston does not work?

    The timeframe is extremely narrow. Treatment started on 15th October. Rachael had been fighting for 2 years with no success.

    This story doesn’t support the effectiveness of the treatment either way. Peter Bowditch’s reviews are definitely more compelling.

    I know I’ve only heard about antineoplaston a few days ago, and have only today watched the documentary – in which no statement is made that it is a miracle drug with 100% of patients cured – but considering the history of skepticism around this drug, the blatant efforts of the FDA to shut it down over the years – wouldn’t cancer patients have been better off if the treatment had been thoroughly tested decades earlier?

    I have cancer – but not any of the types that the treatment has been documented as having an effect on – and my disgust and outrage stem from the behavior of people in authority, who instead of thoroughly testing out the drug to determine effectiveness of the protocols being used, have tried – and failed – to silence it.

    We cancer patients are paying a heavy toll for the sake of, what? stock prices and profits. All of this could have been cleared some 20-30 years ago, and we’d now know for certain whether this treatment is one to bank on. The case of antineoplaston can be bundled with that of B17, Gerson’s, THC, antiangiogenesis, Hippocrates Health Institute… More and more groups are questioning the effectiveness of the dominant chemotherapy and radiotherapy industries, but no credence is given to the alternatives. Many points of view seem to require to chose one form of treatment over another – follow your onco or follow a quack.

    Some choice.

  3. […] around the surgeons were not able to remove it all. She died on October 28. Bob Blaskiewicz over at Skeptical Humanities has started a Storify page that chronicles Rachael Mackey’s experiences with the Burzynski […]

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