Where we are and what’s happening…


For the last few weeks, ever since we were at TAM, Eve and I have been really, really busy moving up to Eau Claire to take up our new jobs at the University of Wisconsin campus there. Several hundred thousand miles later, we’ve made it and are almost close to moved in. The house is in Chippewa Falls, which means nothing to you, but the skies are hoooomygod dark and the Big Dipper is surprisingly high in the sky. We basically followed the drinking gourd out of the south.

We have a few big projects coming up that we will be announcing in the next week or so. Well, at least one of them. So stay tuned. I’m keeping tabs on conspiracies still and when we get a reliable internet connection (Wed afternoon), we’ll get the Week in Conspiracy back up. I’m still putting up things for the JREF and writing the CSI column. The next edition of the latter will be up shortly, I think. The other announcement is going to be a bit of kick-ass activism.

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we’re still alive. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions about Wisconsin or the great vowel shift that they seem to have missed.


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