Skeptical Humanities Store

Hey, folks.

Last night, I thought to myself, “Self, I would really like a t-shirt that said: ‘The Essex Rebellion Was an Inside Job.'” Then I thought, you know what, I could make one and put the Skeptical Humanities logo on it. Then I asked Eve to make it for me.

She did. And now we have a very little cafe press store with a single lonely item in it: the aforementioned t-shirt.

Our t-shirt is made of finest t-shirt material, probably, and fits over most humans, depending on the size of the shirt and the size of the person. In the event of shipwreck, it can be used to flag down a passing coast guard ship. Also, it has an obscure reference that only really cool castaways will recognize, which makes forming alliances within your emerging Lord-of-the-Flies-type society easy.

Do it today, won’t you? We’ll be glad you did.


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