This Week in Conspiracy (26 March 2012)

I’ve been flitting about the country in rental cars for the last couple of weeks, so I’ve amassed a rather largish backlog of entries for this week’s roundup. Enjoy…IF YOU DARE!

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

This week, I am so mad, so singularly and completely angry, that I am going to skip the foreplay and get right down to business. Mike Adams is a horrible, horrible person. The world is just that much worse for his having been born. This week, this shameless crank of obscene proportions penned an exploitative, factually bereft piece called: “A Hundred Trayvons a Day – Why the Real Murder of Blacks is Carried Out by Pharmaceutical Companies, Vaccines and Cancer Clinics.” In this piece he says that AIDS anti-retrovirals destroy the immune system (what if someone ever takes that seriously?), that the government is practicing eugenics, and that drug companies are illegally experimenting on black people. Mike, you are a broken human. Something is dramatically wrong with your mind, and I have finally come across a human for whom I can’t even muster pity. Pathetic.

And elsewhere…

“I realize that marriage scares many people, but Hebrews 13:4 teaches that God will judge adulterers and whoremongers.Walt Disney teaches teenagers to live loose, be immoral, dress immodestly, fornicate, score, and live together without being married; but such wickedness brings the judgment of God.”

“Sad to say, everything going on in America today with the feminist courts, unfair tax laws, State-controlled CPS, feminism, thug police, and other evils in the U.S. are discouraging young people from getting married anymore. Walt Disney and all of the major influences on America’s youth today teaches them to be rebellious, defy their parents, drink booze, fornicate, get pregnant, have an abortion, and do it again and again… party, party, party!”

“Feminism has turned women into monsters, to the point where they’re turning into lesbians instead of marrying a masculine man.”

“The whole court system in America is evil and rotten to the core!”

EXOPOLITICS is a book that was time traveled using advanced Tesla-based quantum access technology by the U.S. Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) from the year 2005 (or later) to the year 1971 (or earlier).  The futuristic innovative policy recommendations that Alfred would write in EXOPOLITICS in 2000 about relations with extraterritorial civilizations, and in 2005 about the intelligent civilization on Mars made Alfred a “person of interest” to the CIA in 1971.  Because of the book EXOPOLITICS, Alfred has been subjected to intense political surveillance, harassment and torture by CIA and other alphabet agencies since 1971 to present. CIA has chosen to keep its relations with the Martian civilization, including U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s visits to Mars 1980-83 as part of a secret CIA Mars jump room program, a U.S. national security secret, instead of public knowledge as mandated by the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958.

Twit of the week:

“Roseanne Barr ‏ @TheRealRoseanne Honestly, I am scared shitless/witless of wht is coming to this country. I pray to GOD that ppl will wake up to slavery and fascism NOW”

What is is about the name Rosie that makes people crazy, I wonder? #CorrelationDoesNotEqualCausation

So there! Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a member of a WWII bomber crew at Georgia Tech, so I must be off to prepare. I’m sure I will be posting the video on the website. Because I can.


7 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (26 March 2012)

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  2. Adam says:

    Great work once again!

  3. Jasmin says:

    Nice work! The supermoon made me lol for real.

  4. Pacal says:

    ““Why are dangerous gay homos so hateful?” asks hate group member Linda Harvey.”

    What a stunning example of projection, aside from indicating her contempt for said people.

    I would like to know just why so many people are so obsessed by the Gay, and just why so many are so obsessed with Gay sex.

    As for this:

    “I Like Ancient Aliens”. I should mention this critically diffcient being also likes Ventura’s Conspiracy shows.

    As for Roseanne. I give her a free pass for being entertaining and not taking herself all that seriously even when she says nutty things or acts crazy.

  5. Bob says:

    This whole line of inquiry gets depressing sometime. I will also be using the phrase “critically deficient being” as often as I can from now on. As for Rosanne, one should not set as a career goal, “become as apeshit as Victoria Jackson.”

  6. Axiom says:

    Where is the mainstream media on numerous significant un/under-reported stories , like :
    operation northwoods
    gen wesley clark’s videod talk revealing the military plans for the mid east in 2007
    the NDAA
    the death of dr david kelly
    operation gladio
    agenda 21
    codex ailimentarius
    club of rome
    bohemian grove
    bilderberg group ??

    All facts , all un/under-reported stories by MSM .

    Luckily i am far better informed by so called “kooky conspiracy theorist” web sites !

    Now go get informed and stop bleating like an ignorant uninformed sheep !

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