I’m very pleased to be a new contributor to skeptical humanities!

Hi all!  If you’d like to know about my background, please see my recently-posted mini-bio.

My first set of contributions is going to involve my own most central area of interest as a skeptical linguist: a summary of the main issues regarding non-mainstream (‘fringe’) claims regarding the etymologies of words and historical links between languages, and explanations of why such claims very typically don’t hold up.  Comments and queries will of course be most welcome.  Please stand by for this material.

Mark Newbrook (currently with my beloved in England’s beautiful Lake District)

6 Responses to I’m very pleased to be a new contributor to skeptical humanities!

  1. Bob says:

    Welcome aboard!

  2. tungl says:

    I’m looking very much forward to your posts!

    And hey, do I feel some Nostratic coming my way…?

  3. Stanley says:

    Oh goodie!!

    Every time I run across Jordan Maxwell or Michael Tsarion’s material, I always wish I had an etymologist on hand to either confirm or deny that anything these two claim has any truth to it.

    Looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. jrfibonacci says:

    Hi Mark! Are you familiar with the plasma cosmology connection to the “Thunderbolts of the Gods” and petroglyphs like the “trident of Satan/Neptune/Poseidon?” As for skepticism, I recently found a long “de-bunking” of Gregg Braden, whom I previously esteemed as “brilliant.” Oops!

  5. Tony Crowley says:

    Can anyone put me in touch with Mark Newbrook? Or ask him to contact me?
    Prof Tony Crowley

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