This YouTube video is why we must save the Internet

I put up the conspiracy theory round-up last night, and this only arrived last night. It will doubtlessly be in the running for the conspiracy theory of the week. It’s really this guy’s language skills that knock me off my feet, hold me down, and beat me mercilessly:


2 Responses to This YouTube video is why we must save the Internet

  1. Bradley A. Skene says:

    I guess he thought it was Egyptian transliterated into Cyrillic. It would almost have been worth it to see his reaction to tell him which stone was inscribed in Arabic.

    I guess he knows from horror films that something evil has to be ‘warded’ by putting holy symbols around it. This is the level of superstition you get from Dominionists.

  2. Pacal says:

    Another paranoid NWO and IWG fruit salad. Who doesn’t know much about the world.

    Ron Paul seems to attract those nuts.

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