The Last Two Weeks or So In Conspiracy (31 Dec 2011)

Yeah, I’ve been out of contact recently, traveling the country, racking up foursquare points (why, I’m not sure), and learning the ways of the iPad. Things have settled back down, and I can take a little time to bring everyone up to speed on the wide, wide world of weird.

In the next few days, I’ll be heading out to Seattle to interview for a job in Mississippi (yeah, it’s easier if you just don’t think about it). I have seized upon the opportunity to make sure that I have a long layover at the Denver International Airport, which is where the bigwigs who are really in charge are going to wait out the end of the world. Or detain gun owners. Or transfer planes. Nobody is too sure about that. Anyway, I’m there. I’ve been trying to contact the artist whose murals have come under suspicion most goofy so that I could meet and interview him during my 4 hours at DIA, but given the weird attention his work has received, he’s hard to get in touch with, as you might imagine. (If anyone has any ideas…the email addy on his website is obsolete.)

Mike Adams, Health Stranger

davidfrum (@davidfrum)
12/26/11 1:08 PM
“CNN is run by Jews.” From the comments on my Ron Paul column …

Well played, redneck. Well played. I’m willing to bet that you read Veterans Today, which was also horrible this week.


I enjoyed this book, because of some of the insider information that he brings out. I liked the insights into the invisible world, for example, how certain aliens are working with Satan the Devil, how Satan looks like a reptilian, including his hosts.

Conspiracy theories of the last few weeks:

“And, therefore planet Earth, as a female cosmic body with its newer, progressively greater level of 4th dimensional energy emanating from her – from Earth’s core – she is finally ready to be ‘fertilized’, and is attracting, pulling, drawing to her… the transformative cosmic 4th dimensional vibratory ‘male’ energy from the new crystal blue star (that was comet Holmes).”

Told you.

Dishonorable mention:

  • IntelHub gives exopolitics a run for its money, though, and this one blew me away with the goof. OK. Try to keep up. The Intel Hub, whose logo appropriately suggests something stinks over there, sez: “Chemtrail-like Substance Could Be Used in Blue Beam Type Operation.” Blue Beam is a continuation of the Philadelphia (boat teleportation) and Montauk (dead raccoons) Projects. Blue Beam is designed, according to this guy on the Internet, “to create a world-wide light show with accompanying electronically driven wave patterns.” Also, WTF does that even mean? Anyway, the pulse of energy is supposed to make people think that God is talking to them. Totally f-in’ superfluous, since people already think that God is talking to them! This is really an elaborate one that assumes earthquake-making, archaeological forgeries, telepathy, messiah-arriving, faked one-world religion, and staged UFO invasions. But this is the real problem: the IntelHub is setting itself up to believe this unfathomably vast pile of whale poop: “The Intel Hub has also received similar reports from various locations in the CONUS (Continental United States) and is requesting additional information/sightings to be sent to us (” No matter how much contradictory information can be brought to bear on the questions raised by the Blue Beam video (like all of physics, meteorology, aerospace and electrical engineering, and psychology), they are completely and explicitly uninterested in that evidence. So, if, for instance, an airline pilot wrote in saying, “Hey, I need to take into account all the mass on my airplane to calculate how much fuel I have, including the ‘magic fairy chemtrail dust,’ so it’s impossible that I would be able to spray and not know about it. Now tell me I’m poisoning people to my face, suckafoo,” Intelhub will hear none of it. Here’s a tip: Grow. Up.

Week’s Best Headline:

Not strictly related to conspiracy theory in…any way I can think of, but this headline needs to be read aloud to orphans every Christmas: “Victoria’s Secret: Busted for Undies With an Ugly Past”.

Thanks for an excellent year, folks! We had over 100,000 hits, many of which were not my mother. We’ll see you on the other side of the New Year!


4 Responses to The Last Two Weeks or So In Conspiracy (31 Dec 2011)

  1. David Gerard says:

    The best extant writeup of Project Blue Beam is … mine! (Well, much of it’s mine.)

    Just wait till you get to the punchline: the original source of the story.

  2. Ken says:

    Wayne LaPierre of the NRA has charged the Obama Administration with secretly planning the destruction of the Second Amendment.

    They were doing this a few months ago too. I think donations must be down, so they need to (ahem) scare up some more contributions.

    When the machines take over, people will become pets. My pets have it pretty good, actually.

    I had much the same reaction to The Matrix. We finally attain a technology where everything is provided by machines and humans just have to lie around all day – and you want to destroy this precisely why?

    NASA put the hurt on some 2012 doomsday theories.

    I just did a Sunday school class on the Mayans, and quoted one author: “The way has been cleared for a smorgasbord of under-informed writers and market-driven hipsters to pillage 2012 on their way through to the next trendy topic.” Of course I was doing this with ironic malice aforethought, since he was one of the authors pushing the “galactic rift” idea mentioned in the above link.

    • pacal says:

      Well after all the only thing that will happen on December 21, 2012 is that the 12th bak’tun will end and the 13th bak’tun will begin. with still 43,517,152,096,098,311,708,523,306,538 years to go before the Mayan calendar runs out. I note that the universe is “only” 14,500,000,000 years old. We have plenty6 of time until doomsday.

      • Ken says:

        Yeah, that’s what I said in the class: I’m sure nothing is going to happen, because (1) nothing happened last time the Mayan calendar rolled in 3114-ish BCE, and (2) nothing has happened the last ten dozen times the groups who’ve glommed onto the Mayan date predicted Big Things.

        Seriously, it’s become what Orac at Respectful Insolence calls a crank magnet. Let me bring up my notes: Harmonic Convergence, Egyptian Pyramids, Atlantis, Pole Shift, Transcendental Meditation, UFOs, Face on Mars, Plasma Orbs, Sphinx Stargate, Maharishi Meditation, Crop Circles, Planet X, The Singularity, and oh yes Nazis.

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