The Week in Conspiracy (18 Dec 2011)

Not the most interesting week, but to be fair, I was mostly grading and was away from my usual sources (I really only had access to the NSA mainframe). Nonetheless, I did manage to scrounge together something like a list of conspiracies this week, because it is what I do.

So let’s do this.

  • Have you heard of Doorway Man? He’s like Umbrella Man only in a doorway and doesn’t have an umbrella. This, by the way, is the worst video analysis I have come across recently:

Just got arrested at Dulles TSA checkpoint for trying to go through in boxers. “disorderly conduct” — adamkokesh (@adamkokesh)

No conspiracy theory of the week this week, people. I’m looking forward to all of the Kim Jung Il ones next week, however! I’m outta here.


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