This Week in Conspiracy (7 Nov 2011)

We survived CSICon, and the audience survived my epic spiel (which was never certain). I met some pretty fab folks and enjoyed myself mightily. Eve did too. But just because we played hooky for a few days doesn’t mean that I could help but see the crazy stuff that streamed in on my mail, twitter, and reader feeds.

Let get it on.

This Week in I Made More as a Graduate Student than Anonymous Has Pulled In

I’m pretty sure that Anonymous is losing money hand over fist in the American market. This is as it should be.

And the other crazy:

Twit of the week:

This came from the @poopy_poo, who is the soul of the age: “@davidicke I hope all your 13,000 followers will be attending wembley next year mr Icke, very excited to be coming :-)”


3 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (7 Nov 2011)

  1. Pacal says:

    Does that guy with the alleged Illuminati symbols in Family Guy have any idea what satire and humour is?

    Well I guess not.

  2. Bob says:

    Ideologues’ anemic senses of humor are caused by an irony deficiency.


  3. De Vere says:

    Anemia is low blood oxygen. To make such an error in nomenclature is nothing short of ferrousy.

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