Here’s a weird reply to my work…

This, I think, is a response to my email exchange with a CNN reporter in April.

Well, an astrologer(?) came across it and took issue with it. Then he explains how my Saturn is weak.

This is such a strange planet.




3 Responses to Here’s a weird reply to my work…

  1. Nanu says:

    That was… Something. What it was I’m not quite sure though.

  2. Pacal says:

    Ah…. I don’t know what to say. This woo meister says stuff like:

    But I still wonder how can anyone depraved of Cosmic Consciousness can actually auto analyze himself accurately? This is why, even by giving all needed information to the best of my wisdom, I still receive email from unconscious wondering souls unable to perceive my deep spiritual work…

    Add a Pluto (power/investigation) in Virgo (editing) which seems to be Mr. Blaskiewicz’s cursed cold, calculated, scientific, perfectionist, editing health freak generation of the “Baby Busters” and you have the perfect recipient. But again; what does Mr. Blaskiewicz and educated colleagues know about the Cosmic Code regulations, the dragon impact upon generations or what it means to be human?



    Although I did get a chuckle from “depraved of Cosmic Conciousness”.

  3. Bob says:

    I liked “lowest common nominator.” 🙂

    I wonder if this type of stuff hurts my academic reputation?


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