My guitar makes noises that make me happy

August 12, 2011


That, my friends, is something that I recorded with my new guitar. Now that I have reached guitar gear Nirvana/Valhalla/Candyland/Playboy Mansion, what with my Gibson, Rickenbacker, Vox AC30, Keeley Modded Tube Screamer 9, and Korg A3 signal processor, and with a little help from GarageBand on my new Mac, I can record things that only I would ever want to hear.

The backing, non-guitar track was downloaded –oh, years ago–from the web. There are live soundboard bootlegs that take out the original guitar, but, you know, I had this.

This’ll only be up for a little bit. I just wanted to hear what my new Rickenbacker sounded like. Also, I needed to de-stressificate tonight and this seemed healthier than most other options. About 30 seconds in, you can hear me stop to do some adjusting. It didn’t work. Meh.


From our foreign correspondent…

August 12, 2011

…the Blessed Professor Acker, who is currently in England. Hopefully he’s looting something nice for us. Oh, also that he remembers to steal an adapter since the plugs are different over there. He apparently picked up an Annunciation for himself:


David Mitchell sounds off on inflatable hover-forts

August 10, 2011

I came across the David Mitchell Soapbox series while working my way through the complete QI catalog. David Mitchell is funny and quick on QI, which smacks of intelligence. Couple that with indignation, and you have a great little web series:



This Week in Conspiracy (8 Aug 2011)

August 10, 2011

Another week, another shipment of conspiracy theory arrives. This week, conspiracy land was all abuzz over a few stories.

The biggest story in the wackosphere was by far the crash of the American helicopter with members of SEAL Team 6 aboard. Some conspiracy theorists said that they thought the military was covering its tracks regarding what they believe is a false bin Laden assassination story. Turns out, not that it will make any difference to the hardcore delusional, none of those killed seem to have been on the raid. I look forward to the apologies and corrections–ha! However, I think that a new chapter in the strange alternative history of 9/11 that the paranoid are writing has been outlined with this one. I tried to look up how big a unit SEAL Team 6 is to see what the odds would be that the same team would have perished, but that’s classified–you don’t tell the Samurai how many ninjas you have, I guess. My favorite take was from late 19th-century pugilist Finian Cunningham, pictured below:

"'Tis a cover-up, you rapscallion! Now come here so I may box you soundly about the ears!"

That’s it. I’m done for now. Stay tuned, I’m sure for the “double dip recession conspiracy theories” next week, I’m sure. The next few weeks are going to be bonkers for me. Classes starting up. I have 2 Dragon*Con panels to organize (conspiracy theories and skepticism and the humanities) and a good deal of IIG-Atlanta work to prepare before the Con. Yikes! Oh, and a book chapter to finish tomorrow. Don’t take any wooden nickels.


Ha! I’m like a meme-maker-person!

August 6, 2011

I was flipping through a website, “Happy Place,” that collects photos of amusing signs/graffiti, etc., and I came across a photo I took! It’s the Walk This Way/Talk This Way sign that was on Georgia Tech’s campus about 2 months ago! Haha!

I’m so proud of me. That site, by the way, will suck away all of your time and life and before you know it you will be dead, so be careful. Heheh.



A reply to FederalJack

August 6, 2011

Last night, a person at who goes by the name Popeye “called me out” to debate him on his radio(? internet?) show over my most recent “This Week in Conspiracy.”

See? My reply follows. Enjoy.

I’ll post my sources in the morning in an update. Bob is tired because he was hanging out with interesting, clever people tonight.

Update–sources and more: 

Indictment against Susan Lindauer.

Steven Jones on his retirement: “The university’s been great. I feel like they’ve been fair with me in this settlement we’ve reached in this retirement. I feel pretty chipper.”

Richard Gage’s audience surveys, which demonstrates that his audience is overwhelmingly already on his side.


This Week in Conspiracy (3 August 2011)

August 2, 2011

Yep. You heard right. There are even more conspiracies this week. I thought that we were full up, that every permutation of wacky had been tried. Apparently, however, there is no fixed quota of b.s. that conspiracists are trying to fill. So we dive back in.

  • It’s Genetic Farmageddon! When an article starts, “An arrogant scientific elite has divorced themselves from common sense, morality, and the rest of the human species in their quest for full spectrum scientific domination,” you know you have objective reporting. You left out them twisting their evil mustachios, Daniel. Somehow, he ends up at “super-intelligent A.I. may lead to a devastating world war that could kill billions of people.”
  • I’m sorry, I meant, “Electronic Armageddon!
  • Susan Lindauer says that there are videotapes missing from the World Trade Center. As a bit of background, she was arrested for spying for the Iraqis and found mentally incompetent to contribute to her own defense. Also, if you read this, she offers no source or evidence, just a story, and then she thinks that there is something suspicious about there being no video of this. Funk dat. Oh wait, she says she has a “high level State Department source with a top security clearance.” Well, that settles it. She was also found to have classic delusions of grandeur, I believe, by her defense team.
  • A little 9/11 analysis. “11 Reasons Why The 9/11 Fable is So Popular.” On their list: 1) “The bigness of the lie” followed by immediate self-Godwining, 2) “Mythical archetype of Osama Bin Laden and Islamic terrorists,” 3) “Most people are children who are easily controlled by fear,” 4) “Peer pressure, and the fear of mockery and ridicule” (it’s true, if you don’t want to be mocked, don’t become a Truther), 5) makes no sense, 6) the “financial- terrorism- media- military- industrial- Zionist- congressional complex” (their term, not mine), 7) “Mass social, cultural, and political brainwashing,” 8) “A lack of knowledge of history,” 9) “A lack of skepticism, curiosity and a sense of wonder,” 10) “A lack of humility to admit ignorance” (AHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! ahem. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!), 11) “The 9/11 lie is sacred.” There you have it. The worst analysis of anything ever. Notice, “we might, just possibly, be wrong” doesn’t occur to them. Also, I’m rather annoyed that their title does not use the word fable correctly, but that’s the English major in me, played in my fable by a knowledgeable, avuncular owl.
  • Is the above “financial- terrorism- media- military- industrial- Zionist- congressional complex” related to Mike Adams’ “Chemical- agra- medical- pharma industrial complex business“?
  • An interesting pairing provided by FederalJack, who I endorse for the entertainment value. First, “It’s Official, We Live in a Police State.” Less than an hour later: “Federal officials are circulating to all 18,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies a… civil rights video??!!” Nice f’ing police state. Here’s officer Lyons, the face of totalitarianism:
  • Sam Blumenfield examines “ The Hegelian Statist Virus in the Republican Party”.
  • Fag judges may be fag-enabling fags. From the ever-delightful couple Charlie “Butts” and “Peter” LaBarbera.
  • Let’s give Vigilant Citizen a shout out, eh wot? Be careful, fellas. That first model is actually a man.
  • Moon base or volcano? You decide. Your answer will depend on whether or not you are already on the moon, however.
  • Is Jewish Ex-Congressman Weiner’s Devout Muslim Wife, Working For Hillary Clinton, A Spy? This author is a horrid person. This is evidencelessness embodied. Just guilt by racist association, a new type of logical fallacy.
  • Is someone at Above Top Secret actually thinking about inner-Earth-dwelling UFOs? Be still, my beating heart.
  • I’ll let you decipher this: “Hoagland weaves together an intense eye-opener which connects Comet Elenin with September 11, the original masonic message, the bombing in Norway and the secret space program.”
  • Here’s a bit of uncritical thinking: “Only a domestic terror attack can rescue Brand Obama.” How about growing a ball? That might help.
  • Here’s one that was popular in the deliberately-misrepresent-o-sphere this week. My Pet Goat aficionado George W. Bush basically admitted that he was deliberately slow to move on 9/11, basically allowing it to happen on purpose, in order to not freak out a bunch of kids. I hate conspiracy theorists who make me defend Bush. Lots.
  • New World Order’s favorite band? Megadeath.
  • NaturalNews is positively soiling itself over what I will dub murder-weeds.
  • Here’s a new one. They are no longer conspiracy theorists. They are “disinformation specialists.” Boy, do they ever not have irony.
  • A UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea?
  • The ADL on Sovereign Citizens, who actually scare me.
  • This is interesting. The title is “Tea Party Pawns of the Illuminati,” but only a minority of people who read Before It’s News and vote on the veracity of the story think that’s a fact. I’m not going to say it’s because they are reasonable, but because a lot of them probably like the Tea Party. The funny thing about this is that Dick Armey, former House leader, if I remember correctly, helped fund the Tea Party through FreedomWorks. If you think that the Republicans are in the thrall of the Illuminati, why would you assume that the Tea Party wasn’t? I merely ask.
  • Are UFOs controlling our ICBMs? Robert Hastings thinks so. Hear him not laughed out of a conversation:
  • KXAS, a television station in Texas, captures a bug on camera, calls in UFO investigatiors. Why do they not call IIG? We look at this sort of thing all of the time! Decide for yourself:


I figure a Michael Barkun reference is a good note to end on. It’s back into the trenches. Toodle-pip!