This Week in Conspiracy (26 Aug 2011)

Dragon*Con is coming, so I am going to be gone for a few days. I’m participating in 3 panels and working at the IIG-Atlanta table. But I could not go and leave you without your weekly week that was weak.

This makes me sad. 1) I have never heard of a responsible company calling the government gestapo, and to sign off on this is bizarre. 2) I like Gibson and their product. I have strict instructions to be buried with a Gibson. At sea. In a burning Viking ship. But the raid is being spun as politically motivated. The evidence, the CEO is a Republican and other guitar manufacturers use the same wood. You have to do better than that. I saw a comment by the importer who supplies Gibson and other guitar manufacturers to the effect that there is nothing special about the wood Gibson uses compared to the other woods, however, people seem to be missing the point that the importer will be in trouble if he is bringing rare and protected woods into the country. So, he’s hardly reliable and without a stake in this. I sincerely hope that Gibson is not using protected woods, and the only way to tell is to see the evidence. Sigh.

  • Is Comet Elenin breaking up into little bits? And how will this effect it not hitting us or affecting the Earth in any discernible way? Universe Today has the story.
  • Well, who’s pissed off Anonymous this week? So far, NATO. Also, Wall Street. I think that it’s funny that one a gigantic media corporation, Warner Bros, gets a cut every time they buy a Guy Fawkes mask! Keep fighting the power, Guys! (See what I did there?)
  • I should go to this. And learn Danish.
  • Hey, how about that Libya, eh? the Bilderbergers really pulled that one off, didn’t they? Also, We Are Change Minnesota, Jesse Ventura’s chapter, I’m sure, makes Rick Perry look grown up and level headed when they ask him about the Bilderbergers. Nice job, guys. (Start around 3:30.)

Now that’s all I really have time for this week. There was more, oh so much more. But I’ll try to get some more in next week’s edition. So, keep your tin foil hats pulled down tightly over your temporal lobes, and enjoy my parting shot. Yes, after a few weeks of respite, I have resurrected the bloated corpse of:

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

I loved this one. If rebels take over Libya, then the Mediterranean will be swarming with Al-Qaeda pirates.


2 Responses to This Week in Conspiracy (26 Aug 2011)

  1. Ken says:

    Gaddahhaifi (I’ve given up trying to spell it–the Libya guy).

    The day Tripoli fell, Google’s news page had five different spellings – not their fault, they were in aggregated headlines.

    Hmm, doubly not their fault; according to wikipedia, there isn’t any standard system for transliterating Arabic. It’s done by transcription of what is pronounced, there are variations in the pronunciation across the Arabic-speaking world, and there are a dozen systems for transcription in any case. So apparently all those spellings are correct, or at least justifiable.

  2. Pacal says:

    So the Israeli were behind Gadaffi and / or the rebels!? Well don’t you know the evil Joos have been behind both Capitalism and Communism!! to know this truth all you need to be is completely demented and utterly divorced from reality.

    But on a more serious note Holocaust denial seems to be becoming, despite its utter intellectual bankrupcy, along with its moral turpitude, another flavour in the conspiracist mindset. you yourself came across it when you interviewed some “truthers” at a lecture who mouthed some protocols type idiocy.

    Nice to know David Icke is still around churning out his shape shifting Reptillians crap. I have wondered for years”Is he that crazy?” or “Is he crazy like a Fox?” Does realize that their are hordes of the guillible who want to believe woo and he can make moolah from them?

    Waiting for the mothership? Well they should speak to the Black Muslims they’ve been waiting for a mothership for quite some time.

    As for benefiting from hurricane Irene, do they seriously mean to say that someone caused it!?

    I better stop now I can feel my brain cells exploding. Besides I suspect the “truthers” will soon arive and the rain of crap will begin.

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