Trolls who post under several names get banned. No questions, no appeals.


14 Responses to Housekeeping…

  1. knitwitted says:

    I don’t suppose you do windows.

  2. El. de Vere says:

    Now sweetie, what punishment shall thy seek regarding authors who post under several names?

  3. Yes, do tell Master Bob, what ever shall become of these authorship trolls? One hopes thou willst be sending them to Detroit.

  4. Wikipedia says:

    Ed… Will… WTF are you boys doing here? This is a nice page with nice boys and girls. We are on here to discuss nice things like ballet and weed. Kindly get your britches back onto your respective Wikipedia pages. Jimbo is not pleased.

  5. Bob says:

    There is an order of magnitude of difference between being a troll and being impish. 🙂


  6. Joe Montana says:

    You laughin’ at me, huh? Huh? You laughin’ at m- What am I, a clown? Do I amuse you? I’m what, I’m funny now? Huh? You must be laughin’ at me; I don’t see anybody else around here! Fock.

  7. Joe says:

    Damn. And no one had yet suspected that i’m really Cameron Wiltshire, agent provocateur.

  8. Earl Sweetie, when willst thou and thous peeps give up this silly notion that thou are the author of my works? You knowst very welleth that Sir Bacon hath written my plays.

  9. El. de Vere says:

    O hai, I absolutely adore my squeaky dolphin pillow pet! Remember when thoust sent it to me? Thou clever devil hath inserted in its belly pocket a copy of thou’s play The Tempest.

  10. Ai, fond memories those be. I had to get rid of my last manuscript as I do not wish to burden my heirs with my papers. They willst also be so pleaseth to not be the recipients of a shitloadeth of books as I hath just recently purchased mine very own Kindle.

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