New Contributing Editor: Jenna Marie Griffith

Eve and I are delighted to welcome Jenna Marie Griffith to the very exclusive list of contributors and editors of this site. Jenna is a graduate student in the Department of Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Her research explores the intersection of fin-de-siècle visual culture and gender studies with scientific and psychological theories. She has a strong interest in nude and erotic painting, photography and film and evolutionary biology and psychology. Yes, together. Jenna teaches courses in Western art history and theory, has been published in gallery catalogs and graduate journals, appeared at Dragon*Con’s Skeptrack and hunted El Chupacabra in Puerto Rico. Jenna enjoys visiting art galleries by herself to contemplate the myriad disparate lives inside and outside the frames when not pursuing the perfect cupcake.


One Response to New Contributing Editor: Jenna Marie Griffith

  1. Pacal says:

    Yes! another person to bug with my long winded comments.

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