The Week in Conspiracy, 14 May 2011

I’ve been working on a special post that requires a little research on my part (hey, it’s MY vacation, I’ll spend it how I want), but I’ve still been collecting the conspiracies that have sloshed across my desk. In a bucket.

If you want to see how altered the images from Cinderella are, check this out. Note that the Harry or William or whatever’s jacket might not be as altered as the bright areas suggest, as red is saved differently by different programs.

This week in Osama bin Laden:

“Bin Laden is NOT dead. Or is he? In the mind of the people who didn’t make the effort to investigate the details of the events of September 11, 2001, the recent announcement of Bin Laden’s death was an understandable relief. Bin Laden is most probably not alive today, but he is not dead. Confused yet? Great. Read on because it’s only starting.”

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

6 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy, 14 May 2011

  1. David Gerard says:

    When they said they’d found bin Laden’s home movies, this was my first thought. Possibly I have toddler fatigue.

  2. Ken says:

    “You guys poop yourselves screaming “photoshop! photoshop!” when the birth certificate comes out but you take this at face value? Something’s broken.”

    What is broken is our mechanisms for mandatory psychiatric care and, where necessary, involuntary committal.

  3. Pacal says:

    Next they will say Osama id Obama.

  4. Pacal says:


    Next they will say Osama is Obama.

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