The week in conspiracy (Mother’s Day Edition)

What a week! Anyway, on with the conspiracies.

Michael Shermer finds that Donald Trump’s birth certificate is a “layered” fake. Not to be confused with a layer cake.

Take the wit and wisdom of Alex Jones with you wherever you go with the Alex Jones quote generator.

Plowed Clouds reports that HAARP closed down its website, apparently realizing that they had been blowing all of their war- and weather-inducing schemes by publishing them to a website. I simply do not believe that The Age of Reason is one of her favorite books. Do read the list of her favorite sites, btw. Wow.

Why is MUFON covering up alien encounters? asks one man a year and a half ago.

Hack writer (look at the last paragraph) Nick Redfern speculates about the men in black. They are Satanic aliens who are somehow associated with Ouija boards.

If GMOs are so safe, why don’t the Obamas eat it? asks someone with unparalleled access to shit they just made up.

According to the Fortean Times (heheh), conspiracy theorists are more likely to want to be part of a conspiracy.

Perhaps HAARP is responsible for whale beachings? Sure. Why not? Makes earthquakes. Controls the weather. Messes with dolphins’ brains. HAARP is like a swiss army knife of terror.

The powers that be intend to split the country in two along the New Madrid fault line, which appears to RUN THE LENGTH OF THE MISSISSIPPI!

New in the FBI Vault: the Ox-Files–cattle mutilation records.

Someone with access to We Are Change L.A.’s website follow invisible alien hiding in a hollow mooner David Icke. Not inspiring confidence, boys. The stuff about the satanic pope is almost insignificant by comparison.

A proposal to tax people who drive the most sends technophobes into a tizzy. Of course, it seems the proposal would only track how far someone drove, not, you know, relay their information to a directed energy weapon satellite in orbit.

A new spin on the expanding Earth theory: the core of the planet is spinning out of control. I’ll by that. If it’s spinning, there is certainly nothing we can do about it!

Seth Mnookin pointed me to Andrew Wakefield’s descent into abject goofery.

Messenger discovers (smiley) faces on Mercury!

Here’s a weird little article, and I don’t exactly know what to make of it yet: “President Ahmadinejad cohorts accused of using sorcery.”

It’s hard to know where to file “False Flags: An American Tradition,” so I file it here.

Is the alien menace perhaps more menacing to those with negative blood types?

I just like the title: “Ancient Mayans Endorse Tim Tebow as Denver Broncos Starter and Other Suspect Suppositions

Guy in alien costume film leaked!

Are conspiracies becoming a new religion?” dude asks.

And one for the ladies: Were UFOs seen in the ashcloud above Iceland’s volcano? No. Those were dragons.

Rush Limbaugh thinks that Obama is withholding FEMA aid from Texas because they are a red state. Of course, it’s high time that we broke Texas’ dependence on the federal teet.

The number of Birthers is down following the release of the birth certificate, says Rolling Stone. Remember when Obama released his birth certificate? Seems like years ago.

How will Chuck Baldwin run a presidential campaign from the moon?

Mitchell and Webb look at the Princess Di assassination:

Did you know that nothing hit the World Trade Center on 9/11? It was all just CGI. It just goes to show that if you can say something, it must be true.

This week in Osama bin Laden

Images from the compound where OBL was killed, if you flip through them to the bloody ones (and they are graphic), reveal that one of the men is lying on what appears to be a water pistol. I can’t wait to see the conspiracy theories that come out of that one.


ABC News reports that the “terror playbook” has been found. The NFL banned the fumblerooski because they knew it was a threat to our way of life.

HAHAHAHAHA! David Ray Griffin apparently describes himself as “Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. David Ray Griffin.” HAHAHA! Also, he thinks OBL died in 2001. Way to cite your own press release, asshat. Did you nominate yourself for that Nobel too? Haha!

Alternative media, reports the alternative media, has benefited from the Osama Bump. So, clearly alternative media orchestrated the fake assassination.

Daily Mail says that Zawahari may have been responsible for tipping off the US with this something-other-than-confidence inspiring opener: “Osama Bin Laden’s deputy led U.S. troops to the Al Qaeda leader’s hideout so he could take over the terrorist group, it was claimed today.” Damn you, passive voice!

Did Barack bin Obama take down the American flag at ground zero so he “lovingly drape” OBL’s coffin in it? Christ, it’s like the type of thing that Victoria Jackson would write.

Guy on web says that he saw the FoxNews ticker report the death of OBL days before it happened. Because his twitter stream is locked, I can’t check it.

Conspiracy theory of the week! A real humdinger!

Royal wedding or Illuminist fulfillment of biblical prophesy? A sample for your delectation:

Prince William and Kate Middleton demonstrated their blood lust and newfound birth into the Illuminati on April 29, 2011.[…] My suspicions were first aroused when I looked at the date of the wedding. The date is April 29, 2011. Or remove the april 2 and the 20 and you get 9, 11 or as the cabal who lead the new world order would say 9/11. Personally I watched this wedding so I know what the real deal is since it was broadcast live. My evidence that I have unearthed through my research fully supports my claim that Prince William and Kate Middleton sought the head of Bin Laden to be procured for them as a honeymoon gift from the Illuminati so they could baptise themselves into the Illuminati by drinking the blood of the innocent from the rotting skull of Bin Laden as a blood oath of allegiance and unswerving obedience to their overlords.

That’s all for now. In case you missed it, I appeared on the BBC World Service last week talking about conspiracy theories. Also, Ted Goertzel, with whom I’ll be appearing on a panel in October, was in the Washington Post discussing OBL conspiracy theories.


5 Responses to The week in conspiracy (Mother’s Day Edition)

  1. Ken says:

    “Hack writer (look at the last paragraph) Nick Redfern speculates about the men in black. They are Satanic aliens who are somehow associated with Ouija boards.”

    If you’re going to steal from “Doctor Who”, you should wait more than a week after BBC-America broadcasts the episodes (Season Six, “The Impossible Astronaut”, “Day of the Moon”).

  2. Bob says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. πŸ™‚ Really. πŸ™‚


  3. Nicole says:

    I’ve been wondering about Obama’s phrasing when he said that Bin Laden is no longer “walking the earth”.

    I keep thinking that “…but only until the zombie apocalypse comes” should be on the end of his sentence.

  4. Bob says:

    But they destroyed the head for a reason, Nicole. Critical thinking, woman! πŸ™‚


  5. part time says:

    part time…

    […]The week in conspiracy (Mother’s Day Edition) « Skeptical Humanities[…]…

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