Popeye the Sailor vs. the Japanese

Here’s a little find that a student researching his final paper on WWII sent to me. It comes fully stocked with all of the racist characterizations of the Japanese that one expects from the period. It may be the first cartoon that I have seen that addresses Japanese ritual suicide. (Warning: may be offensive to humans.)

As it so happens, I am reading David Livingston Smith’s  book on dehumanization, Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave and Exterminate Others. It’s quite good and, I imagine, very accessible for a variety of audiences.



One Response to Popeye the Sailor vs. the Japanese

  1. Denise says:

    “Be careful what you ask America for…especially when IT IS WHAT THEY WERE CALMLY WAITING TO GIVE TO YOU – IN THE FIRST PLACE!”


    Ever tried telling a finicky child-eater that you DO NOT WANT THEM TO EAT THEIR PEAS?

    I believe that America has not only calculated every aspect before and after the attack on the Pakistani compound, they have ALSO – and apparently quite accurately, calculated what would be needed to get America, and the wider world, to basically: “CLAMOUR TO SEE THE GORY PHOTO OF BIN-LADEN’S DEAD BODY!”

    How? Simply by “PRETENDING” RELUCTANCE, in the first place, to furnish this “evidence.”

    And what will America get out of this? They come out of this PHOTO-REVELATION as being “FORCED AGAINST THEIR BEST MORAL OR ETHICAL JUDGMENT” to give-in to the wishes of the Masses.


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