The Week in Conspiracy (13 March 2011)

Fwaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t believe I thought last week was going to be the culmination of immense, secret machinations. This week it will be different. This week it will happen.

Yeah, as I’m sure you are aware, the wackosphere is going potty over the earthquake in Japan. No disaster is too horrific for them to not fap furiously over.

It’s been quiet here recently, and I appologize. I have, in fact, been busy this week doing conspiracy related things. On Saturday, I went to a 9/11 Truther event in Atlanta and did some interviews. I offered my audio to a locally produced podcast that you may have heard of, so we’ll see what happens there.

Before launching into this week’s theme, Japan, I wanted to mention a little tweet from a big twit, in which a 9/11 Truther encourages Charlie Sheen to get back to his crazy roots. Personally, I think that Charlie Sheen is disinfo. Think about it, people.

At any rate, I have been doing things and you can’t prove that I haven’t so there.

Let’s turn this into something a little more productive this week. Please visit the Red Cross and donate to their Japan relief efforts.



A couple more conspiracies are trickling in. There is no shortage of goofy Japan-related woo:

Conspiracy numerologist. (This is tongue in cheek.)

Courtesy of Nate, from the Atlanta Skeptics, <panic>Nibiru caused the earthquake</panic>:

3 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy (13 March 2011)

  1. House Tleilaxu says:

    The “why didn’t we listen to the aliens?! link had me laughing until I read on the sidebar that the author was a licensed mental heath practitioner and school counselor.

  2. Bob says:

    I didn’t notice that. I see your “fuuuck” and raise you a “you have to be yanking my chain.”


  3. […] how conspiracy theorists fapped themselves blind over the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and resulting Fukashima disaster? Well, they’re still at it. It’s not so much […]

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