The Week in Conspiracy (26 Feb 2011)

You thought you were safe because nothing happened last week, but THIS week is the one we’ve been waiting for. So grab yer guns and head to the bomb shelters. I’ll come and get you when it’s all over. It’s time for the week in conspiracy:

  • Did you hear? There’s an immunocontraceptive in the flu vaccine! What, are we deer? (You can tell that it’s going to be cool when they start with a quote from Gen. Stubblebine, the guy who tried to walk through a wall in The Men Who Stare at Goats. Really.)

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

There was only one contender for conspiracy theory of the week. It was Alex Jones’s complete freakout, what quickly became known as the “Justin Beibler [sic] Rant.”

Seriously, how is this guy not in some sort of home?


6 Responses to The Week in Conspiracy (26 Feb 2011)

  1. Adam says:

    Is it me, or did nobody give a squirt about Soros before Beck started talking about him?

    Bill O’Reilly was ranting about him before Beck was really prominent. Admittedly, I don’t think O’Reilly’s viewers back then were half as dedicated as Beck’s are now, though, but there were a few lovely little bits here and there.

  2. Bob says:

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

  3. Nicole says:

    …..I could say something funny here, but I won’t, because I feel uncomfortable about making fun of the mentally ill.

    This man clearly needs psychiatric help.

    *insert not-a-doctor disclaimer here*

  4. Bob says:

    It’s hard to feel pity for Alex Jones. He appears to be highly productive in many areas of his life, and he is at times clearly a fully aware self-conscious showboater. Once I heard a segment of his show where he launched into what sounded like a spontaneous rant, but in the background, except as he gets worked up, this is playing behind him (starting at :25)

    It’s deliberate. It’s show. It’s dangerous. He’s a would be demagogue and deserves a good laughing at. So go ahead. 🙂


  5. House Tleilaxu says:

    Oh man, that “all mass media wants to promote transhumanism” clip reminds me to check on vigilant citizen so I can lose all my faith in humanity.
    …and yep, that didn’t take too long. If anyone needs me, I will be trying to form my own sovereign nation so I can hopefully keep the stupid at bay.

  6. Pacal says:

    So this is Alex Jones. What a tool! And like many tools he doesn’t know what he is talking about. In his rant about Justin Bieber is hilarious. He doesn’t seem aware for example that Justin is Canadian. (Yeah I, a Canadian, hang my head in shame at that one.)

    He rants about Magellan but manages to get so much wrong it is incredible. Well for example Magellan sailed from Spain. The voyage was a Spanish affair not Portuguese. Although Magellan was Portuguese. Magellan sailed not in one ship but 5 ships. One completed the voyage and it was not captained by Magellan. Juan de Elcano Captained the one ship home, the Victoria. Oh and 18 men sailed the ship into Seville not 11. Also 13 men who they had been forced to leave in the Cape Verde Islands were subsequently returned.

    Then there is the fact that Magellan got killed in the Phillipines when he foolishly got involved in some interstate conflict among the locals and thus did not circumnavigate the globe, the first person to actually do the circumnavigation was a slave called Enrique who was originally from the Phillipines who had sent to spain via the Cape of Good Hope and ended up part of Magellan’s voyage to be an interpretor when they got there. Enrique abandoned the Spanish when they got to the Phillipines along with arranging for more than 20 Spaniards to get killed. Enrique apparently was seriously pissed off with Magellan and his crew.

    I’m just amazed at these blowhards who don’t seem to have a clue who pontificate about things they know next to zero about. Alex Jones should join O’Reilly, “the tides go in, the tides go out”, in his temple of ignorance.

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