History Channel Attempts to Do History, Fails

Ah, the History Channel, the place to go to find out everything you could possibly want to know about 2012, Nostradamus and ancient astronauts, except the truth. Every now and then, they attempt to deal with some actual historic event. They’re not very good at that either:

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6 Responses to History Channel Attempts to Do History, Fails

  1. Pacal says:

    Well The Alamo was in many respects a very brave fight. However the actual story is not very complimentary to either America or Mexico. The so-called Texan War of Independence was little better than the second fillibuster attempt to gain a large chunk of Mexico for the United States. Independence was accepted only because the US refused then to accept Texas and get embroiled with Mexico.

    The first attempt to get Mexico failed in a bloody disaster at the Medina river in 1814, while Mexico was being torn apart by it’s war for Independence. Hundreds of Americans died and many after being captured were butchered.

    One of the causes of the war was that Mexican law had abolished slavery and many of the new American settlers wanted to bring slaves to work farms and plantations. Of course given the rather chaotic nature of Mexican government at this time I can’t particularily blame the Texans for wanting to go their own way. The fact that Mexico was being led by a certified loon Santa Anna was also a big minus.

    The war was characterized by rather gruesome atrocities. One of the reasons there were virtually no survivors from the Alamo is because the Mexicans took no prisoners not just because the men in the Alamo faught to the last man. The stories of huge Mexican casulties at the Alamo are to put it politely exagerations. According to one Mexican officer who served at the Alamo they found 6 surviors in addition to the surviors officially known. Santa Anna ordered them shoot and they were. This was followed by the Goliad atrocity in which over 200 Americans were murdered after surrendering. Not surprisingly at San Jacinto the battle degenerated into a massacre of Mexicans by Americans. Sam Huston sensibly kept Santa Ana alive and concluded a peace treaty which the Mexican government refused to ratify. however not wanting to cause problems with the US Mexico didn’t send another reconquest expedition. Texas tried to join the US but was then rebuffed at the time. There was numerous border incidents between Mexico and Texas. (Both entities had very different ideas about the size of “Texas”).

    Not in my opinion a very edifying affair.

    Your right about the History channel. It used to be too much World War II and Hitler, but at least it had some real history. Now it has utter shit like Ancient Astronauts. I watched one episode and was struck speechless at the sheer inanity of the program. I could feel my brain cells popping watching it.

  2. Bob says:

    I’m going to pitch a show to History that I think will have crossover appeal to them: Hitler’s Satanic Alien Pets. Whatcha think?

  3. Pacal says:

    Once again a spell check would have helped me!

    As for your suggestion, it wouldn’t be much different from the crap that continues to pollute the History channel.

    However I would make a change I would call it Nostradamus predicts Hitler’s Satanic Alien Pets.

  4. Eve says:

    Nostradamus predicts Hitler’s Satanic Alien Pets who originally came from the planet Nibiru and built the pyramids for some reason. Okay, the next person has to include Atlantis/Lemuria or 2012.

  5. Bob says:

    Nostradamus predicts that Hitler’s Satanic Nibirunian pyramid-building pets discover Lemuria in 2012.

  6. Ken says:

    Nostradamus predicts that Hitler’s Satanic Nibirunian pyramid-building pets discover Lemuria in 2012, releasing Great Cthulhu from R’lyeh.

    (I’m assuming is this one of those “I was going on a trip and I packed…” memory games. My apologies if you were actually developing a mnemonic for cranial nerves or minor planets or some such thing.)

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