The Week in Conspiracy: 14 Feb 2011

Forget what I said last week. That’s just peanuts compared to how important this week was in the unfolding of global events that will lead to our inevitable doom! Shall we?

  • You can almost hear Philip Jones resisting the urge to type this entire story in capital letters and centered in the middle of his page. Luckily, reason won out: “Google: Zionist Engine of Mind and Genetic Control.”
  • In a sinister turn of events, Long Island Sky Watch, your source for news about the chemtrail menace, has discovered…schmutz in snow! DUM DUM DUMMMMM!
  • From WorldNetDaily comes the warning that Islamists are invading CPAC! Yes, it is the silliest thing ever written, folks.
  • Alex Jones: “Texas hippies: ‘Give us uranium'”:


Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

This week it’s not a conspiracy that caught my fancy so much as a parody of Glenn Beck’s conspiracies. Behold the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator!

Also, I would like to thank Glenn Beck for going a conspiracy theory too far with his socialist caliphate conspiracy this week! That cracked me up!


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