10:23 campaign appears on NPR

Glad to see it! Sorry I missed it. But this weekend I came across something that is not even homeopathy. You’ll hear about it.  Teehee.


One Response to 10:23 campaign appears on NPR

  1. Pacal says:

    You know the idea that taking something that in large doses causes the symptoms of this or that aliment sort of makes sense. So in that respect Homeopathy has a certain “sense”, at least in terms of aiding symptom relief. However what in my opinion puts it over the top into batshit crazy woo is the idea that diluting it increases its effectiveness and then diluting it past the point of even existing in what your taking. So all your getting is distiled water and surgar pills. Thats just mega nonsense and if Homeopaths and those who believe in there effectivness want to be taken seriously the onus is entirely on them to provide the convincing “extraordinary” evidence.

    So far they have signally and spectacularily failed, and no ancedotal evidence does NOT count.

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