The Week in Conspiracy (3 Feb 2011)

This weekend, I will be attending TruthCon, which brings together all sorts of energy healers and people interested in UFO disclosure and 9/11 conspiracy theorists and…oh, everything. It’s like a paradise for me and will likely be the most interesting conference I attend this year (all love to NeMLA and NECSS, btw!). Regardless, since I am going to be really busy this weekend, I thought I would write up the week that was weak a little early.

Forget two weeks ago. And last week. And three weeks ago. THIS week, without a doubt is the most important week in the history of the human species, if conspiracy theorists are right.

Conspiracy theory of the week:

Honorary conspiracy theory of the week:

Not a real conspiracy theory, but my brother totally got me with a facebook post about the GIGANTIC STORM OF DOOM (which, in the end, never materialized in St. Louis):

“NEWS FLASH!! Area Man Convinced Blizzard The Work Of Muslim Extremists: “I don’t know how exactly, but these fellas have found a way to manipulate our weather patterns. They really will stop at nothing to disrupt our American way of life.”

Well played, sir. Well played.

And that’s it for now, friends. I’m off into the breach!


One Response to The Week in Conspiracy (3 Feb 2011)

  1. David Gerard says:


    Come to, it could do with more clear thinkers from outside the sciences. We also do a nice line in WTFing at conspiracy theories.

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