Conspiracy in the News

If the conspiracy theorists are to be trusted, it has been the most momentous week in the entire of global history, just like last week. And the rest of the world didn’t even manage to even notice. Shame on you, entire world.

Onto the news that is news to the rest of us:


Conspiracy Theory of the Week

Though it is in the spirit of the aflockalypse two weeks ago, this headline has a sort of “Beowulf is an anonymous medieval poem written by Robert Cotton in the 18th century”-quality to it (that’s an actual opening line from a paper Eve once received):

Wow. I mean. Wow.


3 Responses to Conspiracy in the News

  1. Will S. says:

    Glenn Beck is, simply put, a master manipulator of people with low IQ’s, and his goals involve a great deal bloodshed. Want proof? Read this.

    NEW at The Will of The People (

    Glenn Beck on How to Deal With Dangerous Progressives: “Shoot Them in the Head”

  2. Bob says:

    He’s not a master manipulator, in my opinion. He is repeating old stories that people who are otherwise intelligent but uninformed can subscribe to. He’s a pathetic sort of clown person who will likely rank up there with Fr. Coughlin. Not a legacy to be proud of.

  3. qed says:

    You depreciate the weight of the reality, you

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